What is THE most annoying sound?

For the past year I have been on this search. I would like to enlist you and anyone else here to help me find this. Maybe it is the most annoying song...maybe it is the most annoying sound. I have a list...and here it goes. 


  1. Friday by Rebecca Black

  2. Polka Love songs (unless it is Weird Al)

  3. Alarms. Car Alarms. Smoke Alarms. Morning Alarms. 

  4. Anyone who tries to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just stop.

  5. "mommy, mommy, mommy, mom, mom, mom, mooooom, mom, moooooom"

  6. Leaking toilet or sink. Yet somehow, rain is soothing. What?!

  7. The bagpipe after 2 minutes. I'm sorry, I don't get it. 

  8. Heavy nose breathers during a movie. If you hear them during Transformers, slap them.

  9. Friends talking politics.

You know what else is annoying? lists that don't end in 10! Just make one up already.



But seriously, if you have ideas on annoying sounds we can use, please share them with us. Maybe your lucky idea will be used. In fact, if we use it we will send you a pack of 5 for free. 

Travis W. Peterson



Written by Travis Peterson


Finding Nemo- “Mine” birds.

Heather Johnson on Nov 18, 2016

“My Heart Will Go On” played on recorder. Badly of course.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2WH8mHJnhM (Like this)

Steve Stanganelli on Sep 11, 2016

There needs to be a card with a recording of Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber doing his version of the most annoying sound in the world…EEEEEEEYYYYAHHHHHHHHHH

Hannah on Aug 23, 2016

People talking an unknown/made up language.

Codi on Aug 22, 2016

THE LLAMA SONG! Happy Llama, Sad Llama, Mentaly Disturbed Llama……Or even better, What Does The Fox Say. Any one with kids will LOVE (hahaha) to receive a card playing either of those songs. You can even use it in the birthday cards and give to children who forced you to listen to it and then finally realized how aweful they were. Talk about parental payback!!

Kari Diaz on Aug 11, 2016

Please make one that sings “Never Gonna Give You Up” PLEASE! I need this so much!

Elijah Gersky on Jul 31, 2016

The Chicken Dance Song. I hate going to weddings and hearing this song. My wife and I actually received a wedding card for my own wedding that played this song talking about how over played it was.

Korby Trautman on Jul 28, 2016

Sugar, Sugar by the Archies – just the chorus… over and over again…. not only will the card play it for a good long while, but everyone in the room will have the song stuck in their head for the rest of the week!

LP on Jul 27, 2016

The Most Annoying sound in the world remix (on YouTube and it’s an actual thing)

The duck song (where he goes to a lemonade stand)

David Sponsel on Jul 27, 2016

The high pitch sound used in hearing tests, it sounds like a mosquito has entered your ear. Wouldn’t even need to be loud but as annoying of a presence as leaving your tv on with the cable box off.

Greg Novotny on Jul 24, 2016

Chewing ice
Fran Dresher’s voice
A toddler screeching/screaming/whining during a tantrum
Women’s horror movie screams
An electric drill
People chomping their food with their mouth open

Bonus: I may be juvenile but wouldn’t there be a good market for cards that won’t stop farting? ?

Stefanie on Jul 14, 2016

fingernails on chalkboards
morning alarm clock
old school internet dial up sound
dumb & dumber – most annoying sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cVlTeIATBs

jim on Jul 14, 2016

Walk in, log in and check email. Sounds like any other normal work day, right? I thought so… The only thing that was different was the typical balloons and a birthday card waiting for me at my cubicle. It was pretty early and certainly pre-coffee, but it was Friday and the last day of my twenties. What could go wrong? The signatures on the card were adorable and it was great to hear from all my friends. This card was different, though; almost ominous. It clearly read “forever,” but the button was begging to pressed, so I pressed it. The “music” started and it just didn’t stop. Everyone around me just said leave it alone and it will shut off, but I knew my friends better than that. I knew there was no end in sight. What do you do? First you press the button again, because you are human, then you realize that just makes that darn thing louder! Next step?? You rip into that SOB like you have the last Scrumdiddlyupmtious bar with the only remaining golden ticket to the Willy Wonka factory. I bet you thought it was easy, you are wrong! After you dust off the hilarious amount of glitter you have to immediately start dismantling the card like you are on a bad network soap opera in the last episode of the season and it is your task to save everyone in the hospital from the bomb! At the end the day I am proud to say that I was pranked, and I was pranked well. It took me a little less than 10 minutes to rip into the card and stop the noise, but I did have some glitter to clean up and I laughed the whole time. ( I will not tell you how I did it so fast, good luck!) This is a prank that everyone can laugh along with and feel good about! I actually plan to order some for family members that have some big birthdays coming up.

Chelsi on Jul 08, 2016

Twelve days of Christmas

Neil on Jul 07, 2016

Too bad you don’t have a way for the buyer to record/sing Happy Birthday and then loop it to play instead of the nice voice on the birthday card. Just trying to say my tone dead, cracked voice singing anything would be the most annoying…

That way when my daughter ripped the card apart I got her for her birthday, could have laid a huge guilt trip……

Mike Bauer on Jun 25, 2016

The sound of someone chewing with their mouth open. Also chewing gum, smacking it and popping your bubbles

Kaytlin fedonick on Jun 19, 2016

*Stairway to Heaven

Robin Nickell on Jun 19, 2016

Any overplayed song (think Stairway to H, for example) played poorly… On an out of tune acoustic guitar.

Robin Nickell on Jun 19, 2016

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