What is the most annoying sound you know? I would be most everyone has the car alarm near the top if not at the top. We make a car alarm card that doesn't stop. Yes, there is no stop button. Why? To mess with your friends and neighbors you don't like. 

Don't you ever wonder what type of card you want to send someone you don't really like that much? Wonder no more, we have it. 

1. That neighbor who takes your parking space? Drop him one of these. 

2. The guy in the office you don't like very much. Send him a gift...leave it anonymous. 

3. Or you have a friend who works at a car dealership? He will appreciate taking work home with him. 

Greeting card ideas for friends and neighbors. Basically, the funniest cards you can send today. 


co-founder of www.jokergreeting.com

The funniest greeting cards ever. We have baby shower cards. Car alarm cards. Birthday cards. stop looking for funny greeting cards and let us help you find the perfect card. 






Written by Travis Peterson

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