Prank Musical Greeting Cards 

That Never Stop Playing Until You Break It. And That's The Point. 

Use for custom messages and ships direct to friend

The Joker Cricket: The Ultimate Office Prank

The Joker Cricket by Joker Greeting is the ultimate office and friend prank. It chirps non-stop for 8 hours until broken. But confetti is stuffed i...

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Read about Customer Experiences!

Below are actual customer experiences. I try to share them all when I get a chance.  February 13, 2017               One customer put his c...

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Press Articles

BuzzFeed Article: This is the song that quite literally never ends.
Gizmodo: A Musical Prank Card That Drives Someone Mad Is the Perfect Gift
ABC News: Diabolical Joker Birthday Card Plays Music Until It's Destroyed or Battery Dies
CNETThis card will drive your crazy
DudeIWantThat:  The Best Musical Prank Card Ever
The Paper Chronicles:
Scary mommy: "The Baby Shower card is pure evil genius"
Yahoo News: "More funny than glitter-bombing your enemies"
SomeeCards: "Don't be around when they open it"
Huffington Post: "The most practical way to prepare a parent-to-be"

Joker Promise 

We do offer 100% money back if card arrives broken or not working. And we are fast to reply; go ahead and email me: