How much is shipping? 

It depends on where and how many. But most start at $2.79. 

$50 or more is free shipping. 


How long does it take? 

Domestic shipping is 2-4 days. International is closer to 2-3 weeks. 


How long does card last sitting on the shelf?

We recommend using our cards within 12 months for best results. 


How do I mail this? 


Can we write a message for you on the card? 

Not at the moment. It's a process we are working on. 


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In the UK? 


In Australia?


In Sweden? 



We try to take care of all refunds as quickly as possible. We do appreciate any details and pictures help too. Please email team@jokergreeting.com to receive a refund. 

Where are we located? 

Irvine, CA