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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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The cards worked like a charm. My sister resorted to a hammer to stop it from playing before her young son came home from school with the confetti going everywhere. My good friend opened it in a restaurant where she and her husband were celerbrating her birthday and had to run out of the room with everyone looking and most people laughing. Keep up the good work!

Wonderfully evil

I’m so glad to have found a company who understands that there are people, like me, with a fun sense of humor. The recipients of the cards got just as much of a kick out of receiving them as I did sending them! Yes, I’m a repeat customer!

Treat Yourself

Bought the cat, cricket, fart machine as Christmas presents for my father brother and nephew..... and one for myself. Christmas Eve I planted the cat in the kitchen. Talk about entertainment I laughed for hours as my entire family try to find safe this cats life that was stoke somewhere somehow in the walls. My father walking around telling everyone that they will be sorry when the cat dies and starts to smell really bad. T’was a good Christmas for all.

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing! I am still waiting for someone to open up their wall to 'find' that cat.
Didn't work

I got it and tried it, pressed the button and it never would start. Yes I pulled out the tab. It made one noise and then shorted out or something.

The Perfect prank

I bought two cards for my friends, one of my friends had to put it in the freezer for 3 hours before it stopped. My other friend had to run it over with his car it was surprisingly effective. 5 stars


Loved it. Will order again once the dust settles.

Did not disappoint!

Easy to use and small enough to hide anywhere. I chose my bosses metal cabinet by the door and stuck it under the drawer. The hardest part was acting like I had no clue and not laughing as he slowly became more frustrated with that “damn cricket” ! I even helped him move the cabinet to find the cricket and helped him check the drawers. Great thing is that it chirps three times just enough for you to figure out it’s general location but stops before you can locate it before giving up! Already lining up my next victims to mess with!!

Best Prank Ever

On Christmas Day, i stuffed the "Cricket" card in my sisters bag of gifts. During the car ride home with her husband and 4 kids, they were all screaming thinking there was a cricket that got in the car from the boxes from their gifts. For the 20 minute ride home, each kid was scared that the cricket was going to jump on them. When they got home they all threw their bags of gifts on the front lawn searching for the "cricket". They never found it until they got inside and still heard it. I somehow got the card to go into my sisters purse. She dumped that out, didn't see anything but then heard the card chirp....HA HA HA.

It was so great until it wasn't.

We bought 2 birthday cards, both for family members who love practical jokes. The first card played for over 4 hours and brought a ton of groans and laughs. The second card brought a few laughs and sat perched on a table 'singing' as the rest of the birthday gifts were opened. The table that it was on got bumped, which resulted the card falling on the floor and immediately died. We turned it back on and tested dropping/throwing the card on the floor and each time it stopped. Booo!

Great joke but was missing glitter

We had a blast with the Meow card! Had a group of guys in a shop looking ALL DAY for an elusive kitten! We moved the card around every couple of hours to really keep them puzzled. At times they were right at it and still couldn’t tell exactly where it was. When it was finally discovered, they tore it to make it quit, but no glitter. Would have been the icing on the cake if it was there like advertised. Really good joke even without it.

They worked flawlessly! Thanks for what you do!


Had a blast with them. Thinking about reordering.

Zero expectations met

After paying roughly $13 for a card I'm not impressed. After following the directions to a "T" the music played but zero of the glitter worked. I expected more.


worked great - button was kinda hard to activate but once it did it was great. Used it on Christmas eve get together. My poor brother in law was driven mad all night.

Not yet

The shower is not until the end of January. I can review it then

Really fun

Bought for my dad and he got a kick out the card

Played for hours

Card played for hours. Only problem seen was the fact that JOKER GREETINGS is on the back of the card. After the person saw this they researched on the internet and found out what else the card had in store. In the future maybe a different logo on the back to help trick the person the card was sent too.

Endless Christmas with Glitter

Cleverly evil

The cricket card was a success. Had father-in-law annoyed for hours. Gave him the Christmas card the next day. We taped a picture of the kids inside of it so he wouldn’t rip it up to get to battery. Hilarious!

One down, one to go

Tried the first one out at a friends holiday party. It didn’t work. I went back to it’s hiding place and tried pushing the button a few times with no luck.

A little disappointing, but overall still a funny prank.

I purchased this as a prank on my boss, who is always pranking us. The tab pulled easily and the adhesive was high quality. We hit the button just as she came in for her shift. Unfortunately this is where a few of the flaws were: It only chirped 3 times every 90 seconds, unlike what is shown in this video from Joker Greeting (Youtube: Joker Cricket Prank) . Thankfully it still drove her crazy and she thought there was an actual cricket and had people search the office. She never did find the card, so when I came in I pulled it off from where it was hidden and ripped it over a garbage can. Unfortunately, THERE WAS NO GLITTER inside :( not that she found the card anyways but still...

Didn’t go as planned

I thought this was such a funny and great idea, I was so excited for my boyfriend to open this! Unfortunately it didn’t go as planned. I thought the sound was continuous but it only made noise every few minutes. Also, when he finally ripped it open, the bag inside didn’t rip open so none of the glitter fell out, it was just in a baggie. I was disappointed in how everything played out, because it is such a great product idea, but it didn’t work as I was led to believe. Maybe it was just a fluke in the card I received and not all are like this, but it just was disappointing that the glitter didn’t come out at all. Plus the noise wasn’t continuous which I thought it would be. Great idea, just didn’t go as planned and it didn’t work as it should have with the one I received.

Worked well

Bought the Joker Cricket and Meow. Left these in rooms of my relatives. Took them a long time to figure out where the sound was coming from and thank goodness, I bought the one with glitter in it. They tried to rip it open...haha!

Love these cards!

These are awesome cards and work just as advertised!

Total hit!

I got this for a white elephant gift for a big family Christmas gathering and it was a hit! It kept getting shoved into people’s bag as they tried to leave to pass the fun of the never ending song onto someone else. Thank you!!