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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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I Use these at two different parties. First party was highly effective it lasted 14 hours and the card was never found.The second card was also effective only took three hours to fine but drove the dogs nuts plus the glitter was a icing on the cake!


Hotel rooms are an amazing spot to put these!!

Birthday gold

I wrote on the envelope “open when you get home” so I didn’t have to hear it. He assumed it was a deep heartfelt sentiment. Well, he read the card while on the toilet. Lol. Got so frustrated with the music ripped it open and glitter went all over his manhood and underwear. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and story. We now call him glitterballs!

This is probably now in the top 3 responses I have heard. It's just amazing. I love the new nickname.
Best work day ever!

I had our supervisors looking for hours one office got the cricket and the other had the bugle horn. So very funny and the whole plant knew what was going on.

Good job!! I like the use of two of them. We have 4 more designs coming early next year.

This was better than expected! It was sooo loud, my 16 year old son was going nuts until he destroyed it and got glitter everywhere! He gave it about 3 hours before he couldn’t take it anymore.


It worked exactly as advertised and when my friends put it in a bucket of water to silence it. Two hours later we took it out AND IT WAS STILL PLAYING THE MUSIC

Lots of laughs....batteries weak though

Loved the product, but the batteries last more like 4 hours than 8.

Bday cards

Worked great

Hours of fun... at someone’s expense

Great fun! Meows for 14+ hours.

Great card... just didn't glitter.

I ordered this card as a joke for a long distance friend who hates glitter. The music part worked great; but when she tore it open to shut it off... NO GLITTER! Not on her, the floor, the counter, nothing. She dug it out of the trash and tore it open more and found the glitter part, it was just disappointing it didn't get her the way I thought it would.

one card when it got to the person it did not play I played it before I sent it

Joker Meow (sold out, more coming)

joker bugle

works great just needs to be a little bit louder

Great joke

Works great I thought the sound would go off more frequent. Still haven’t told the boss yet lol have to throw another one in the office

Good clean FUN

It was great had to let my co-worker in on it when I saw a maintenance worker removing ceiling tiles looking for a cat! 4 hours later...😎😩🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Best prank ever!

I ordered the Halloween card, the Meow prank, and the cell phone buzz prank. All three worked perfectly as advertised and were well packaged upon delivery. Highly recommend these products from Joker Greeting.

Worked great!

Actually got closer to 15 hrs out of the card. It was awesome #winning.

Didn't work

Spent a week gathering our employee signatures for this card. The test worked but once it was activated it didn't play 😪

Hi, I am sorry. This is very unusual if the test button worked. Did you hand deliver the card or was it mailed? Trying to figure out what might have gone wrong. We are also willing to send a refund or a new card for the same occasion or a new occasion. We know things happen and we try to offer quick and simple options. Thanks, Travis Joker greeting
Didn’t go as planned

I thought I could ship this directly to someone, turns out that’s not the case. Hopefully they can find someone else to use it on. It would be nice if you could ship this directly to someone and have a message written inside.

Faulty Card

The card only played for a few seconds. But I’ve already been reached out to by the owner to get a new card sent and continue the pranking! Card was a bummer but company follow was a major win


The card was ok. The volume was very quiet. I thought this about other cards as well. Commercial cards are much louder.

Endless Halloween With Glitter

Anonymous prank

Worked like a charm! Sent to a friend for our annual prank wars. It worked like a charm!

Fun for all

Everyone gets a good laugh. Work as advertised!

Purrrrfect prank

Got a coworker that drives us all crazy pretty good. I bought 5 of these and will use the other 4 on him, he never found the first one :)