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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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This was a couple of years ago, but on a colleague's last day of work, I stuck the cat card on the back of her desk. Forgetting that in Case Management you have to call parents of patients, etc. Michelle was on a phone call to a very difficult mother. The mother was asking, "Is that a cat? What kind of place do you work in?" I was notified of this as another colleague asked, "Did you turn Michelle's ringer into a cat?" So I moved it immediately from her desk but didn't want to lose this fantastic prank altogether. I stuck it on the back of the fridge in the break room. About a half hour later, I was called to the break room, and I knew immediately why. I was dying laughing because when I got there, the fridge was pulled away from the wall, and all the crisper drawers were pulled out. Sadly, I ended up throwing the card away because I was pretty sure HR might be getting involved. But the cricket card would be amazing!

Great card but mine didn't work.

My card was broken. The card dint make any noises. Totally ruined the prank. Can i get a replacement?

Hi Kelly, sure. But I see you are reviewing a Barking card and I don't see that in your order. Do you know your order number? Just need to confirm which card we are replacing and the address.




Love this card!!! It is so very cringy--the perfect thank you.


Arrived in a couple of days. Works perfectly.

Endless Birthday Cake With Glitter

Both Mothers Loved it

My husband and I got these for our mothers and it was an epic experience for them. One laughed, the other cried due to the sentiment not the torture, or maybe both


Perfect card for mom.. so funny

Cat card

After a recent stay at my daughter's, we were able to leave one morning as everyone was off to do errands. Replace the card above one of the garage doors in their workshop/rec room. After a 4-Hour drive home we started receiving messages from my daughter asking if we had let a cat in before we left and saying she was pulling her hair out trying to find the thing for hours! 😂
Of course we did not tell her.
Turns out the sound lasted for over 10 hours before they finally found it.
Well worth the money!
After finally admitting to it I sent her the website link and she immediately bought two that afternoon to take to her beach trip the following weekend.

Mom Threatened to Kill Me, HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well, it worked exactly like it was intended. She opened the card, tried to put it under a pillow, it continued far beyond the estimated time. Finally her boyfriend tried to cut it open to disconnect the battery in the laundry room and now, even after several vacuumings, there is glitter throughout the house. My mom then decided that I needed to!!

So funny. Better than I wished for!

Really funny and the timing is hysterical. I tried to order more to send to my sister and they were sold out. I put one in the usb port of a friends TV, I'm waiting for him to figure it out. funny stuff!

Postal issue

The card was great, unfortunately the envelope was torn by the USPS and the glitter had escaped prior to delivery! The music played, however!


The glitter didn’t come out of the card.

insanely funny

no one knew what to think!

Great but too slow

Came to my address on Mother’s Day. Sent it late and it was as promised - very funny. Just came some very slow.

Excellent card

Worked exactly as described. Played nonstop for about 12 hours. And then again for about another hour after reopening. And again. And again. And again. This thing just keeps on going!

Demotivating pens

Write smoothly. Showed them to my boss and she’s jealous and wants them too.

Joker Watch Beep: Plays intermittently

Cat meow

Put cat meow one in buddy's camper under sink ,had him taking camper apart, was hilarious

Mother’s Day card

The card was a big success, especially when my Mother figured out that it wouldn’t stop playing! I would recommend Joker Greeting cards for any occasion.

Fantastic Prank!

Worked as advertised, right down to the glitter on the inside when the music device was cut out. Lots of after-the-fact laughter from all parties involved! The card was delivered quickly and I was able to get it to my intended victim in plenty of time.


This got a lot of laughs from my family. What a perfect gift to send my dad when I live 10 hours away!

It unfortunately didn’t work

I tried everything the instructions said but it didn’t work which was a bummer cause I really looked forward to pranking my girlfriend.

Hi, we guarantee all items. If this was a defect we can send a new one or a refund. let me know which you prefer.

Great Product, but one thing to improve

I thought the product was great and the receiver got a laugh out of it. My one main suggestions is to make the glitter bomb easier to tear. The recipient had a hard time tearing the card.