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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Have to arrange yourself

Usually when I order funny cards online they can be sent directly to the recipient. Unfortunately, it didn’t work like that this time around. Two stars because the concept is good.

Cricket prank

Great prank! Worked exactly as it should! I am now in the doghouse with coworkers but well worth the money!!!

Provided lots of laughs

The look on your friend's face when the card just won't stop playing is absolutely priceless!

hours of fun

so much laughter from this card. This does not get any better!!

Haven’t used it yet

I haven’t used it yet. Didn’t receive my shipment until after my sister in laws birthday so I have to wait until next year. Looks funny though and I hope it still works by then...

Father’s Day Card

Great quality. Fast delivery. Kiddos loved to be in on the secret for dad ❤️

The gift that keeps on giving and giving

It must have gotten a fresh battery during production because I was told it took a hammer to get it to quit and that was many hours later.

This was bad

The only gift I received was this card for Father’s Day. I don’t like messes and this glitter was horrible. On top of the I had to wreck the card rather than saving it. This made the day pretty bad as my kids thought I would think this is funny. I was unprepared. Know your audience. If the receiver is not prepared. Don’t give it.

sister in law

She loved it and we had a long phone call the day after she received it (wouldn't destroy it - keepsake!!!). All in all, will do it again one day.

Great prank

Very fast arrival. Really nice quality. Can't wait to see the prank go off.


Card was great. So much fun! Arrived quickly too!

Endless Mother's Day With Glitter

You people suck! :)

Got home from work early today, found the card in the mailbox that my daughter sent (the father's day card) to me, just opened it about 30 minutes ago. Was googling to figure out how to make it stop and found your site. I guess I cannot turn it off without destroying it. :( I put in it the fridge and can still hear it from the other room. Great prank, but horribly annoying. Leaving in fridge until wife gets home.

Awesome surprise!

I bought this for a particular friend on his birthday. Once he found out the card would not shut up, he started using it to bother his wife. Leaving it in places throughout the day where she would hear it. This went on for hours. Later in the evening, she finally asked how to stop it and I let her know that, "when I had seen videos of it," destroying it was the only way. She proceeded to tear it up at the table where everyone was sitting and glitter went everywhere. It was AWESOME!
Everyone got a good laugh out of it and the glitter is small enough to be funny but not small enough to be a pain to clean up.

Prankster gold

My mom LOVES April Fools Day. It's her favorite holiday. So it was only fitting that I get her a Joker Greeting card for Mother's Day. They were out of Mother's Day cards, so I had to get a basic Congratulations card instead. I like that it enables me to listen to it without starting the non-stop song. Shipped it in a padded envelope as advised. I had her record herself opening it. She caught a glimpse of the glitter before ripping it open entirely, but I still got a kick out of getting multiple videos of her going "It won't shut up. I have to be in a meeting, but I can't make it stop!" Best. Mother's Day card. Ever.

Thank you! That is very funny and well done!

Endless Macarena With Glitter

Worked perfectly

Gave this card to a freind that had recently moved up in their job position. About 10 mins later she called talking about how it wont turn off. I had mentioned that I had read that there was a shut off switch inside. Then she found the glitter (which she hates). Loved every moment.



Endless Birthday with Glitter

Endless Birthday Recordable With Glitter

Great prank!

I stuck this under a co-workers desk and left for s meeting. 30 minutes later, I returned to see the facilities about to open the HVAC ducting to see if a cat was inside! This worked perfectly! The whole office was laughing hysterically when they realized it was a prank.

Dont try and adjust them or the jokes on you

Wow so i was trying to be sneaky stuck it to the side of my sisters toilet it was showing tried to move it just a tad and rip glitter all over right as she walked up no hiding that mistake 😂

Yes...we have tried to pitch this one as 'advanced pranking.' But the device does keep chirping even if you break the glitter pack. So I hope you were able to hide it somewhere! This only applies to the device 'Glitter Trap' not the others. Other devices don't have this pack on the back.

I always struggle with what to get the tweens - but this year I purchased the non-stop TOOT, Cricket, buzzing cell phone, and meow cards for my niece and nephew so they could torture their parents, friends and family and they were HUGE HITS! Thus I am a huge hit. Thanks for your insane ideas :) making me COOLEST AUNTIE EVER. I'll purchase again!


Mom Absolutely loved the card, it wouldve been nice to know you have to pull some tabs and set up before giving it but then again I should've figured you had to do that so beyond that it was great!


I put one under my supervisor's desk and he spent all day complaining about the cricket in his office. I eventually showed him where it was because he let me go home, and when he pulled it off glitter fell all over the carpet. He then told me the vacuum was broken and I wasn't allowed to go home early anymore 🤣