Joker Greeting Customer Reviews

Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Great product!

I bought 5 different sounds and the meow was definitely one of the best! We had so much fun with these! Plus they lasted almost 48hrs!

Does not work well on new Acura

It may work better on older cameras but was disappointed when I tried it on my husbands car as a prank. His camera is too wide and you could see the actual circle that is supposed to be hidden.

Perfect prank

This was the PERFECT prank!!! Not too overboard and I was able to get multiple people with it! Also it lasted DAYS, not hours!!! I am so very impressed! Definitely will be buying more and already have multiple people I work with looking in to getting their own.

Too subtle

The recipient thought it was broken and stuffed it in a drawer until it died. The glitter was a total bust.

Wow, I’ve never actually never heard that, especially for this card. It quite literally screams, loudly, for 6-8 hours. It’s been a big seller and people love it. We can’t always guarantee people break cards but we can guarantee it plays nonstop or they break it. And your friend, if they open the card again, it will start the scream again.

Joker meow was the best!

Planted it in the office next door and all day they were looking for this “cat” that was stuck under the building. Left the card on their desk at the end of the day and as they read it they seemed a bit confused until they read it a second time. They ran over and died laughing saying it was the greatest prank ever. Loved this so much. Well worth every penny.

Freaking awesome!

Pranked both of my bosses with cricket 🦗. They loved it! Added some fun in the office

2 for 1

I snuck the card in my supervisors purse on April fools day at work. While she was on break with two other employees in her car, she found the card. After 10 minutes of non stop macarena, they ripped the card. GLITTER EVERYWHERE.

I should probably offer to get the car detailed lmao SO WORTH IT!

Now she wants the website to order some; let the glitter bombs continue!

Joker Cricket Box

I filled the box w candy and have not heard from the target. Hope it worked.

Great Card!

4 Stars only because the glitter was larger than expected and was easy to cleanup.

Waiting for results

I have cards ready to go for April 16th, April 20th and May 8th. I’m sure there will either be laughs or a loss of three friends (no sense of humor)

Worth every prnny

Exactly as described. Would love to see the bee coding to allow for it to ply longer but ultimately it did exactly as sold. Thank you!!!

The fun continued all day!

Card played music longer than expected. My friend spent the day having fun pranking coworkers. It was a hit!!!!

I never received this item

I have still not received this item after 26 days. Could you please confirm what address you folks sent it to.

My mom loved it

I got it for my mom's birthday and she loved it. After she ripped it open she ended up dumped glitter down my shirt. So all in all it was a fun time


I didn’t think my son would rip it open but did and thought it was fun. He doesn’t want to throw it away now because he liked it so much.

Oh Man

Mailed the card to a long time freind. It was really more for her boys than her. They all loved it. My wife gave her the idea to rip the card open to take out the battery, which she did. She said glitter went everywhere. The only downside is I did not get to see their reactions to the endless farts and the glitter bomb.

Great Bday memory

Very funny

Joker cricket

I bought 2 of the crikets and when I started them they worked properly for about 45 minutes. After that I had to keep pressing and holding the play button to reset them. Then they would only chirp about 3 or 4 times and I would have to restart the process. Basically they turned themselves off after about 45 minutes. Was not to impressed cause they were advised to chirp for 8 hours.

Hi, This definitely seems like battery issue. While it is rare that two items together have the same issue it is certainly possible. Can I send two to replace? thanks for the email and note here.


Card was great. Sent it to my brother for his birthday. The screaming was perfect, and lasted about 5 minutes-BECAUSE my brother somehow managed to cut the chord without the glitter getting on him unfortunately. Still a great card and if my brother wasn’t so mechanically inclined the card would have worked 10x better on someone else. Overall, still amazing. Still 5 stars :)

Joke with cricket

It lasted a long time, but I wish the timing was spaced more intermittently. The chirping was exactly 3.5 minutes apart, so my “prank-ee” figured it out quickly. 😢 but overall, it started out great, lasted a LONG time, and the glitter was a mess!!


The card was a hit. I got it for my wife and she thought it was annoying at first, but the longer it kept screaming the funnier it got. We ended up crying laughing after ten minutes. Our dogs were confused to say the least. Will most likely buy again :)

St Patrick s card

First one I purchased didn’t work but was satisfied with replacement worked great thank you

Endless Birthday Farts with Glitter… :-)

We bought two of these cards, one for my son and one to test out (we just couldn't resist). The one we tested was awesome and hilarious. We can’t wait for my sons birthday and he opens this card. His family is going to fall over laughing. We can’t wait to see the look on his face when he tries to close it and it just keeps on going and, in frustration, tears it in half only to be glitter bombed… :-)


This was the perfect card for my friend. She tried to stop it by putting it in the freezer, but it only stopped it for a short time and once she opened it the playing started again!!! So perfect!!!