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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Best card at the party

Everyone....well almost everyone loved the card. The baby card was still crying hours later on their drive home. I got a midnight text that they had decided to put the baby up for adoption because it wouldn’t stop crying! Could use to be a bit louder however.

It’s ok..

Volume too low. Wouldn’t buy again unless price was a little lower and volume is increased. Also make it more annoying somehow. My wife opted to hide the card somewhere rather than tear into it. Thks.

Glitter pouch didn't open on either card.

The card was funny and it didn't stop, but on both cards when they went to rip open to try and "stop" the music, both glitters pouches didn't even burst open. Kind of a waste of money.

He’s oblivious

He didn’t even realize it hadn’t stopped playing and that it got louder. He also didn’t rip it open. When I told him all about it he thought it was hilarious.



Was pretty cool

No glitter

There was no glitter in the card when ripped. Unfortunate, but the music still made it worth it.

Joker Valentine's day card

Loved it! Gave it to my boyfriend and worked just like it says. Didn't stop playing after he pressed the button, got louder after he pressed it again. He lasted almost an hour through it playing non-stop then cut it open. He was a little careful cutting it open so I dumped the confetti on him. We laughed and it was a great gag gift. Would definitely buy again. Thanks!

only 2 of 3 cards worked

I emailed seller with no response yet.

Valentines Card with Glitter Hearts

Valentines Card with Glitter Hearts


Valentines Card with Glitter Hearts

Joke was a hit!

Sent it from KY to MO in the preposted box from post office without any problem. Arrived and worked great....they finally tore it open (with some hinting it was the only way for them to shut it off)....and poof glitter was great. Even better when I heard they later ordered a card to send to another friend....Sharing the love.

Great card

Gave it to my husband and had me laughing the whole time. He figured it out quickly and pulled a wire off. I was able to put the wire back on and continue playing it. Thanks!!

Fun surprise!

I tend to annoy my fiancé and we have a relationship where we tease each other a lot! This valentines I spoiled her and was very sweet and affectionate. But I just had to throw one prank in there and it was hilarious. She locked it in another room because it wouldn’t stop haha I had to tell her how to turn it off haha!

Awesome! Thank you for taking time to write a review! And I'm happy she enjoyed it! It is funny.
Almost caused a fight!

My husband gave me this card for V-Day and at first I was being silly and dancing to the music. Then it was like I was dancing for WAY too long and I was like “I’m hungry I have to eat” So I stopped dancing and the card would. not. stop. I started hiding it in towels and stuff to muffle the sound and my husband kept taking it out. I started to get mad and said “why do you keep taking it out?!” He was like “well I thought it was romantic so don’t you want to hear it?” I was like “UM… I’ve HEARD it and it’s driving me insane!!” Then he said to me "well turn it off then" and I was like "WHAT are you talking about?! I TOLD you I've tried to turn it off and I CAN'T!! Why don't YOU turn it off??" Finally when he saw I was getting proper angry but not willing to rip it to shreds he sent me the link explaining what it was. I was dying laughing. Mission accomplished.

Best card ever!!!

The card went on for over 6 hours!!! Worth every penny!!

Great Product

Did exactly what was advertised. Sadly, my lady waited until she got in the car to press the button. Would have been if she pressed the button at work.

Neat idea, disappointing execution

My wife opened it and amused by the music. I busied myself while she fussed with the inability to stop the music for a few seconds before my daughter interrupted her attention. She was in another room for half an hour and came back to a silent card.

Apparently I had a bad battery or something.

a half hour? yeah...that's not right. Let's discuss and I will send a new card over for a new occassion.
Great Product!

My brother was coming into town from an hour away. I didn’t want him opening this at our house in fear that he would leave it here. So I told him to open it when he gets on the highway. He was stuck with it for most of the way. I FaceTimed him and his girlfriend and said that I felt bad and told them that the only way to make it stop is to rip it directly in half! I could not stop the tears from laughing so hard as glitter went all over the car. Epic!

YES!!! Perfectly executed. Well done.
endless greeting

This has been going for weeks. Hysterical!


Congratulations with Glitter


Perfect Card!
I have been told that it played for over 2 hours (they couldn’t tell me exactly how long- because they tossed into garage after the two hour point)!
I have ordered 2 “forever” playing cards & 1 “confetti” Card, not one single card has disappointed yet!
Thank You Joker Greetings for the fun!


Birthday Scream - Confetti

funny concept, no idea if it works in real life

The card showed up with some minor damage. Not a huge deal, but it was noticeable. They recommend shipping it to your recipient in a box or padded envelope. I used a padded envelope, but even with that I couldn't imagine the button not getting pressed in transit. So I left the little "pull to activate" tab intact, hoping my recipient would pull it and then push the button. Who ships a greeting card in a box? That seemed like it would be a dead giveaway or be too expensive or just look weird. After I shipped it, I never heard back from my recipient. Either they didn't bother to listen to it, or the joke just wasn't that funny, or maybe they never got it. But it couldn't have been that great, because I never heard back. And I'm not going to call and ask... So while the concept of a musical card getting stuck on, playing the golden girls song for hours or until they smash the thing with a hammer is funny, I have no idea if the joke plays out like that in real life. I probably won't try it again.

Steve, Thanks for the feedback. I don't know how bent the card was but we do replace them if you ask. A box or bubble wrap may seem weird but it's effective. Joker Greeting
great customer service!

very funny joke!

5 stars

The Best Greeting Cards in all of the Land.


Joker Cricket - Chirps for 8 hours (sold out, back March 23)

Totally Awesome!

You know you made the the perfect purchase when you get responses like:
“Why won’t this thing shut up”?
“Seriously- how do I get it to stop”?
“I really think it’s getting louder”!
“You’re such a bitch- Confetti is literally all over”!
“I have no idea how long it played, I tossed it into the garage after it played over the 8th time”!

(*Thank You Joker Greetings! I will be ordering again)!


I love card..I love this company!! The card was a "pay back" for my Valentines Day card last year...although he caught on he still pushed the button!!

Great concept, execution needs some work.

I Love the concept, and had the perfect target for it. The execution of the scream was perfect. The system worked well.

I was a little disappointed in the quality of the paper. It felt a little flimsy, especially for the price point.

I'll probably buy again. But, I was hoping for a bit more substance on the card stock.

The target did say he looked like he had been to a strip club after destroying it... glitter everywhere.

So disappointed!!

Very underwhelming. My friend had to put it up to her ear to hear. It got louder only once and still could barely hear in quiet restaurant. She put it in her purse and could not hear at all. When urged to get it out and then to rip it up, very little glitter came out!!!

Awesome gift!

This was the perfect card for someone that has banned glitter from his house and hates repeated music! Thanks for making our joke card a success!!

Perfect card to annoy a best friend!

Although I thought the card was going to get louder each time the recipient pressed the off/on button, that didn't happen. Other than that this was the perfect card to annoy a best friend!


i ordered two, one worked perfect the other didnt work at all but the working one gave hours of enjoyment!

Looks lke we owe you a new one. Sadly we are out of current units but I can ship something else if you are okay with that. If you can wait until March...I can send a new Cricket then. Joker Greeting

I love the idea behind your products. This time the execution matched the idea. Brilliant, perfectly functioning, and snicker inducing. The icing on the cake is the glitter bomb for those who try to disable it. Perfect, perfect, perfect.


Couldn't be happier. Work just as advertised.

Great surprise !

I will buy it again. Was a great surprise.

Birthday With Glitter

Product and delivery were great.


2 of 3 cricket cards I purchased actually worked.

Hi, 2/3 isn't a 'meh' it's more of a 'pretty good not perfect' I think. Haha. More importantly i'm not sure you asked for a new one. I'd be happy to send one once we get more in. Or I can send another item you might prefer more. Joker Greeting

Drove my friend crazy on the back of his tv. Snap chatted the noise all night. It’s 0° here so he could not figure it out. Went for more then 20 hours.


Joker Cricket - Chirps for 8 hours

Great Product

Though wrong item was shipped the first time. I was promptly replied back to when I emailed and I was quickly received the correct item on time. Great quality and great items.

Card was good!

Only issue I had was the glitter didn't fly everywhere. It did spill out after being opened tho. I waited longer than the 30 seconds it recommended, but maybe I should have waited more? Or it also might not have been opened hard enough. Regardless tho, it was a cool idea and still was lots of fun!

Worked like a charm!

I was so worried my tricky birthday card for my brother wouldn't work until I got a text message from him a week later. A text message containing many expletives and a photo of glitter all over his apartment. A success! He actually loved it of course and I was shamelessly cackling later when he called to tell me all about it. Perfect!


Defective. Hardly chirped. Not what expected.

New one coming your way! Thanks for letting me know.
Amazing product

It lasted way longer than 8 hours and had my family going crazy!! Will buy more!!

Did not work

When I pushed the test button it worked, but when I went to use it it did not. Wouldn’t buy it again.

Omg the greatest few hours of my life

Pulled this prank in our emergency room. Had everyone racking their brains trying to figure out wtf was going on. Once they finally found it they were accusing each other of planting it. I sat quietly. Mission accomplished!

Hehehe. hehe. Very funny.
A+ On Product and Service

Amazing customer service! The initial card was lost in the mail due to the holidays and I was sent another one, quickly and free of charge.

The recipient was very annoyed by the card, so I was very happy with the outcome of everything. Would purchase again!

Perfect sneaky prank

This was used in an office prank by some coworkers and me and worked like a charm. Only downsize was not ordering more!