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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Mayors best 2.5 days of chaos in town hall

I set one of these crickets lose in the Town Clerk office. Hours later, it was driving her crazy. She was checking her plants and every corner of her office. She noticed her clock wasn’t working. She took the clock down, handed it to her assistant, and pulled on the card releasing the glitter trap on her desk. The best part is they didn’t know it was me.

The joke continued as the card was then placed in the managers office. He found it and dropped it back in the clerks purse. When she was in the elevator it went off again. She was like how did it get in here, damn cricket. Then when she was getting into her car it when off again. She found it in her purse. Haha well later that night she put it in her kids room. This joke lasted all day and was completely worth it but I have two cards.

Yesterday, the second one got lose in the building department. They found it after and hour, and again passed it to the front desk where they were unable to find the “cricket” all day long. My point is these little things are awesome and I had everyone going crazy then laughing in town hall for two days.

As the Mayor I keep everyone on their toes!


It arrived really fast, the quality was great, we have so much fun on my sister's birthday, she loved it and every laugh, totally recommended.


I gave it to my friend whom I haven’t heard laugh in ages, him and I were crying from laughing so hard. 10/10 am going to buy one again


This product is the best thank you/prank gift. It even lasted way longer than expected. After it died, I opened it again and it played it again😂😂. AMAZING PRODUCT! It is worth every dollar. Fast shopping too!

Worth every penny

Best card I have ever bought! I sent it anonymously to a family member and the texts I received after finally confirming he got it had me doubled over in my office crying because I was laughing so hard! The card performed exactly as it was supposed to according to the curse word filled texts. In my opinion, confetti makes everything better! Everything came well packaged with clear instructions so you don't accidentally set the card off. I will definitely be making more purchases!

Will definitely buy from this website again!

I sent this package to a friend for her birthday, and it did the scared her. 🤣

A lifelong memory

Thank you for making Valentines Day so memorable for the entire family.
The Roses are Red song will be a part of family lore for years to come.

So much fun! A gift in and of itself.

Lasted only an hour

I ordered a card for Valentine’s Day and it had lots of troubles.
First, when my boyfriend opened it it wouldn’t sing. It wasn’t until he opened it a second time did it start to play the music.
The card was to play for hours as a joke, only lasted ONE hour.
Wasn’t worth the money and the express shipping.

So fun

And messy ☺️

Love them!

We sent one to my brother in law. He took a hammer to it. It was so funny. Love these cards

Bent out of shape

Card was great, great joke for my wife. Only issue is that it arrived all creased and bent. Wish it would have been surrounded with thicker shipping material.

Hi Dennis, sorry about that, let me refund the cost of shipping. I've tried many types of packaging and amazingly thicker paper didn't solve this. And boxes increase shipping costs for everyone. I just try and help when things go awry even shipping a new card if there is time. - Joker Greeting

Great prank

Had the office wanting to call animal control due to a trapped kitten. It was awesome

So fun!

I am currently planning on my next victim! This card so fun, so entertaining and a great laugh. While my person realized what the card was after opening, we had a good laugh.

good stuff

good stuff

Great prank

Got it for my best bud it was a good laugh

Endless Birthday Singing Box

Worked too well

Coworkers actually looked for a cat for a half hour. They decided the car was stuck in the wall. I had actually put the joker meow under the couch. A coworker was going to break down the drywall to save the cat. Our boss and him got into a disagreement about it and they almost fought. I laughed for days. They thought the joke went on too long even though it was only a half hour. The best part was how they looked everywhere in the office for the cat. Even the roof. Best prank ever

Love these things

Great product and Travis is super nice and helpful. Ordered a bunch.


My Grand-kids thought it was hilarious, MY wife? Ehhhh...hahaha. definitely purchasing again.

Amazing company

Shipping was fast and i even got an email from the owner thanking me for my purchase which honestly made me want to buy more in the future. Keep being awesome, guys. 💜

Lasted an hour an a half but it got better.

So the card only lasted an hour and a half, but then it randomly started playing, when she was in a zoom call. w(°o°)w
Can't write comedy that good. I love it. It was the gift that kept on giving. It sang for a few hours the second time.

Valentine’s Day card was perfect!

The instructions were clear, the card was absolutely annoying as it should have been! My fiancé who was so sweet did not want to rip it since our daughter wrote something sweet on it. When he couldn’t handle it anymore, he ripped it open all over himself and the couch.


Such a great card - caught my team off-guard & I loved it!! This card lasted almost 6 hours 🤣 I wish it were a little louder (she stuffed it in a desk and couldn't hear it) but otherwise amazing.

They were ok.