Joker Greeting Customer Reviews

Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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St Patricks Day greeting that kept giving
Absolutely awesome
St. Paddy's Day card
As advertised
100% awesome
Not worth it
Prompt delivery
Fantastic fun
Shamrock Card
Birthday glitter bomb card
Mothers day card and cards with buttons, obnoxious sounds and increasing volume are best!
St Patrick's card not quite as good as the Mothers day card
Girlfriend threw them away accidentally
Never received my card!! It was sent back to factory
Austin, you are right we didn't get back to you. I am sorry. Let me send a refund and a free card. Let me email you directly to confirm your address as USPS doesn't explain why it came back or why it wasn't delivered. No sense in sending a new card it it won't arrive. Travis JokerGreeting
Love these cards
Hi Joker, Sorry to hear that. While we recognize that defects can happen and we can resend a new one…I do have one question so I can better understand the issue and resolve any internal manufacturing problems. Did you test it before placing it? Did it make a noise?
Loved them!
All that I hoped for
Screaming Success!