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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Update: card still playing 9 months later

I gave this card to my brother and instead of ripping it, he wanted to see how long it takes for the battery to die. Its still playing in his garage. The neighborhood cats are now singing along and the inlaws don't visit anymore.

Apple Pie to Fart Candle Bombed

We followed the directions on the candle and waited, and waited and waited. It is more than half gone, and nothing. Doesn't really smell like Apple Pie anymore, just a weird spice smell. Total fail.

Thanks for the review. Can you please send me a photo of the candle right now? I’d like to see where it is in relation to the bottom. This helps me understand more about the candle and possibly help. Or we do refund defects which I just send back to the card on file, it's easy. The bad smell should happen in the middle but sometimes the top layer doesn't QUITE burn off yet...there are many factors that change how things burn but that's for me to worry about and fix.

Joker Meow
brier t roberts
great stuff

really funny

Joker Meow
Dan Wall
Be careful

Could’ve been fired for using this at work. The powers that be went ape shit looking for a lost cat. 😂🤣😂


Hilarious have another one I can't wait to try. Bought a few bday cards and couple of these and worked amazing. Took on a trip for a friend's bday and put it in his room while they were away. Worked amazing and lasted for a long time

did not work

This card didn't work from the start. Junk don't waste your money


Sorry to hear the card didn’t work out. Unfortunately, defects will happen and we try to mitigate this with our own tests. We are proud that defects remains under 1%.

We stand by our product and service and simply offer two options:
1. We send you a refund, that is it.
2. We send you a new card for free but you pick which one…since you likely don’t need the same one.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and understand your frustration.

Good fun

Everyone I’ve given these cards to loves them. Such a great idea.

Joker Meow
Tim Wolf
Worked great

Sent my daughter to college with a meowing card in her dorm room. The first day she was convinced there was a cat outside her window and had a bunch of girls from her dorm trying to find the cat. Needless to say it worked great and my daughter got to meet a bunch of people she might have been to shy or awkward to introduce herself to.


An excellent card, it got exactly the reaction I was hoping for .

Joker Meow
Lohny Schultz
Crying like a baby!!!

Crying like a baby is what you will be doing !! Lets see how long you can keep it going before you bust out laughing

Exactly What Dad Needed

This card was awesome! Maybe even too perfect, he didn't want to destroy it (and would have missed the full effect). I do wish the farts were a little louder. We opened it outside and only he could hear them clearly.

Best card ever

My sister was shocked and couldn’t stop laughing when it didn’t stop crying after closing. After an hour the crying stopped until her husband reopened the card…it proceeded to cry and cry and cry so he placed it in the freezer because he couldn’t take the sound anymore… it cried for 12 hours exceeding the original 3-6 hour time. Best card ever and I can’t wait to purchase more.

glitter bag didn't break

The sound was fine but when the recipient tried to rip it up the glitter remained intact and then the joke was on me.

So fun!

Gave this to a coworker and it was so fun for everyone! We all laughed about it. All you could hear in the quiet office was the birthday song on repeat. :)

Great teacher gag

Gave the card to my teaching partner and she loved it. Didn't even try to stop it just tried to annoy her kids with it. Great product.

It’s cute!

Corner was a little dented but nothing major, can’t wait to use it this holiday season!


Best prank ever 🤣

Hilariously Funny

I was literally laughing and crying at the same time when the card went off. The sheer panic in my friends eyes made it even more funny. Worth every penny.

Joker Cricket
Clifton Bailey

Love these cards! Let on a family and friends vacation and placed them though out the house and got to watch everyone search for hrs for crickets hahah

Joker Watch Beep
Priyanka ji

Happy birthday to you

Joker Cricket
patricia lucas
So damn funny

This worked out so well!!! First, I placed the cricket in his office for his bday. Then, at his party, he got the screaming card and was glitter bombed!!! So much fun!!!


A perfect start to payback the torment I received as a kid from my older brother. From a smart-ass sister.

I got a dud

The card didn’t work and was it was a huge disappointment. Thankfully I received a refund from joker greeting for this card that played no sound at all.

Great prank

Did just what it promised. Hours of inappropriate sounds. They finally had to put it in garage and then ripped it apart and ended up with glitter.


I sent a recording of me obnoxiously singing, happy birthday to a friend. I got a phone call from my friend asking me how to shut it off! 😂 Then came the glitter! I love these cards! So fun and unique. Customer service is great as well! I’ll continue to order!