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Father's Day

Card was a Hit . Pops is a prankster himself . Card caught him by surprize and Yes , He tried to rip open to stop it ( glitter all over) Had had a good laugh. Thank You !

A for effort

Please don't base my review for your decision purchasing. I bought a birthday card and gifted it to a friend, but I had to leave before they opened it. I never got to see and or hear what it was like to have the card opened in person.

I asked my friend the following weekend if he got my card. He said yes. He mentioned it would not stop playing so after like three or five minutes of it playing he tossed in the trash can and went to the bar. He didn't even try to tear it open.

I was bummed to hear that my experience did not turn out the way I was hoping it would.

Better luck next time.

Where was the glitter????

I was absolutely furious with your card!! It was not AT ALL worth the money I paid for it. All that it did was make the fart noise, which I could have gotten at Walmart for like $3. There was no glitter effect like we were hoping. Now I see that he was supposed to tear it open? He's not going to do that. Who tears up cards? I will never recommend you to anyone and I certainly will never use you again. My daughters were so excited and equally disappointed.


Good for a laugh

The card that keeps on giving.

I knew my Dad would get a kick out of the farting Father's Day card and it delivered all the side splitting fun that I expected. He closed the card thinking it would stop but when it keep going he couldn't help but keep laughing at it. He didn't tear into it but I am pretty sure it rode in the back of the truck on his way home. Thanks

Exactly what I was looking for!

This card was AMAZING! My husband can’t stand the sound of a crying baby so I knew this would be the perfect gag Fathers Day gift! It worked like a charm! He still loves me by the way!😂

Joker Scream
Elizabeth Evansky
Best fun ever

Love these products. 🥸

Endless Father's Day Farts With Glitter


This was amazing- just be sure that the recipient isn’t super stubborn and willing to wait it out!! Eventually sent me back all of the glitter in an envelope, so beware of starting a prank war!


Great idea. But the cricket sounds are so far between that the trap isn’t easily noticed. It did last a very long time though.

Perfectly Annoying

Lasted about 4 hours, even ripping it open couldn’t stop it. Glitter everywhere! Recipient had to smother it with a pillow until it finally stopped playing. My side still hurts from laughing at their torment.

Out Of The Will!!

This was a huge hit at my Great Aunts 80th birthday!! She's a joker so it was awesome. But she has officially written me out of her will! So worth it. Can't wait for next year and a new card!

Great prank card

My stepdad loves a good fart sound so this card brought lots of laughs! Worth every penny. The only bummer was the mail carrier bent the card to put it in my mailbox so it was damage to its function though! And it’s no fault of the seller. Highly recommend.

Father's Day farting card.

My Father in law loved his card. They were planning on taking it outside on the porch with them when they had their coffee the next day. They wanted to see the early morning walkers expressions. 😁

Loved it!!!!!! Hilarious!!!!!!!

Your cards are amazing!!!!!!

It didn’t stop

Super funny. But it didn’t stop making noice for hours. We had to stuff it in a drawer until it died
After I seen that it would shoot glitter if I tried to break it. We decided not to do that. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to keep it for a long time like the ones in the store that stop when you close it.
I would buy again tho

Absolutely loved it! Worked just as advertised!

don’t buy this

it didn’t work. i followed the directions. what a scam.

Hi, scams are when business or people intentionally send items that don't do as described. We are not that.over 6 years of business would be a terrible way to live. All technology, even simple technology, will have defects and problems. We do refund defects or even replace them if there is enough time. Obviously in this case there isn't. All cards can be tested and made sure they make music as you sign them. Did the card make music when you signed it? I am always curious where things fail so we can continue to work towards improvements. - Joker Greeting

Mine didn’t even work 🥺

I was so looking forward to him having this card but it was a defective card 🥺 It didn’t work at all, and some of the glitter was already coming out of it.

Hi Porscha, we do refund defects. Would you mind clarifying where it failed? I just like to get as much info as possible so we can try to find common errors and ways to improve. Did the card play music when you signed it? Or was it silent?

This was a hit

I sent the birthday card to my brother. I got the expected “really f-ing mature” text. Twenty minutes later I get sent a video of him smashing it with a hammer in his driveway. Didn’t get to the glitter but still hella fun.


Worked like a charm, glitter was very funny. My whole family wanted the name of your website after hearing about how Mother's day went down with this card.

Joker Cricket
Melissa Witkosky
Best Prank Ever!!!!

Work in public education, at a middle school. Needless to say, we enjoy a good prank every now and then. This prank was rated "one of the best ever". Our science teacher went as far as to take apart the sink in his room because he thought the cricket was in the drain. We laughed ALL day long, and are still laughing about it.


The title says it all! Hilarious cards! My family loved them all.

Funnn Cards

We’ve had sooo much fun with these cards, Love hearing friends and family’s reactions… “Can’t get this #€^}%#¥ card to stop playing”…😂🤣 They’ll Love/Hate you for it…

Fuckin hilarious