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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Endless Birthday - No Glitter

So Much Fun

We love these cards!!

Card was able to be stopped with a hammer and no glitter came out of it.


Got this for a family member. They were immediately suspicious, both of the wording and separate push to play button. It didn’t help that the company Joker Greeting and website was on the back of the card. He looked it up and the gag was up.

Hi Bernie, I’m sorry that’s it seemed too obvious. However, I am unsure what you mean s by “separate play button”’ being suspicious. What am I misreading? In all honesty I’ve never heard of anyome looking up the card before hand. So I’m unsure what made it look suspicious.
A great way to Rick Roll someone!

This card was the perfect way to Rick Roll my husband for his 40th birthday! The best part was it did not stop playing for hours!

Thank you! Yes you can record a rick roll or any amazing song out there.
Worked great, Loads of Fun

Card worked great, Loads of fun! Drove coworker crazy for hours. Glitter on inside a nice touch but not as disruptive as I expected.

Used on co worker

This worked exactly as expected! Will be purchasing more!

Endless Congratulations

This card played for 10 minutes and stopped. It didn’t do anything it was supposed to do for the “joke.”

Hello Amanda, This sounds like the battery is a dud. It pooped but not long enough. Can I send a brand new card with fresh batteries. Free. This card or another? Or I can send a refund. Sorry about this. Joker greeting.
Joker Cricket

Did not work.

Hello Judy, I’m sorry it didn’t work. I’m curious to learn more about the experience so we can resolve or send a new one. Did you test it before setting up and did it chirp? Defects do happen but we are still below 1%. Thanks, Joker Greeting

Not very loud. Wish they would be louder. But on a positive note customer service very good!


I stuck this to the bottom of a coworker’s desk and it drove him crazy for the 8 hours he was there! I walked in at one point and he was spraying Lysol all over under his desk. I asked him what he was doing and he said “trying to fog out this cricket, it’s driving me nuts! It’s been chirping all day.” This is an awesome office prank because not only did it drive the target crazy, it annoyed everybody else in the office as well!

Recording didn't work..

Endless Congratulations
Loved it

This was so great! Husband couldn't make it turn off and he couldn't believe it. Will be ordering again.

Endless Birthday with Glitter

Endless Birthday with Glitter

Father's Day With Glitter


It worked great


Everyone had a great laugh and my mom is still vacuuming up glitter 2 weeks later!


Went over very well. It really annoyed the one woman in the office who annoys everyone. That made everyone's day. I know of at least three people who have purchased since I did. I wish you continued success. I will be back to purchase more in the future.

Magic Butterfly

I love putting one of them in a card to someone special. Thank you.


Card was perfect !!

Customer service was awesome

I bought 2. 1 worked great the second one was broken and when we tried to record it made an awful noice that ran for hours. I emailed the company and they immediately shipped another one which was awesome. Unfortunately though... this one didn’t work either. Wouldn’t record at all. At this point the Birthday has passed and I kept forgetting to email the company again. Such a great idea! And the one that did work was a hilarious. Just 2 out of the 3 were fails.

Congratulations cards

I love them. I have purchased many cards from you and never been disappointed. I enjoy giving them and watching the person receiving them. thank you.

This item rocks

I am so glad I got this product,my friend didn't know what to do with it was so funny


My dad loved it!