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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Still worked, but not as advertised

The card claims up to a three hour play time, but the one I bought for my mother in law lasted about 15 minutes.


I was a backer on Kickstarter for this and the one I received was already leaking glitter. They made it right and sent me a new one and it was perfect. Probably just an initial batch quality issue. But the card was hilarious when opened (even though they anticipated it and opened it slowly). Will be buying more.

Tim! Thank you! And yes, I think we hit about 5-7% defects on our first batch. We tried to fill the pouches as much as possible and it caused problems. We have found some other ways to increase confetti in the cards and not break. Travis cofounder
Leaking Glitter

The card was leaking glitter before I even removed the glitter backing. I followed the instructions, removed the adhesive sticker and then the glitter backing, sealed the card and the second I stood it up it began leaking glitter. The recipient was not in any way surprised because the glitter began pouring out at he pulled the card out of the envelope. I had high hopes for this but was severely disappointed.

Hi, We do offer free fixes on any defects so I wish you had reached out earlier. I'm sorry that you tried to use it like that. Let's keep talking so we can solve this. These are the first ever built-in confetti and we have learned a lot about the process. Travis co-founder

Birthday Recordable Sound With Glitter

joke cards

were great, my brother never laughed so hard after he was covered in glitter. One didnt work and when I notified Joker Greeting I received a replacemnet within 2 days

Fun gift

Worked well, and got a good chuckle.

Didn’t work.

Was very disappointed. Card sat in the package inn my truck untill the minute I had to go inside to the baby shower. And they get to open it and it didn’t work. I was very disappointed. Will never be buying from here again. What a joke.

Hi Monic, I'm sorry about that. If you look at the website we do offer sending a new card or a refund. I will email you directly and try to fix this. The cards do work but certainly things happen. Sorry. Travis co-founder
Scream Card

Loved it. One thing, it should go off more frequently, they recipient wasn't frustrated enough to tear it open and get to the glitter.

Best Cards Ever

I've received so much entertainment giving these cards to unsuspecting friends and family members. If you have the right recipient, they are definitely worth the cost. Loads of laughs and fun not only for the person who receives the card, but for you the giver as well. Looking forward to the holiday cards.

Thank you so much! And yes, it's fun for both.
Thank You Card with Confetti - Golden Girls Song

Awesome joke that worked out perfectly. Will be a repeat customer.

Family strife

As the giver, I rate it as a 5.

The recipient, my husband, rated it a 3. He found it annoying. Which is why I rate it a 5.


Thank You Card - Loops Golden Girls Song

Thank You Card with Confetti - Golden Girls Song
Great fun

Sent this as a prank after a friend had pranked me. He pushed the button and card played as advertised, endlessly. He ripped it open to stop it and confetti poured out. I win!

Absolutely perfect.

Purchased this card for my brothers engagement party. He is a police officer and had his work buddies there. Absolutely hilarious told him the card was indestructible and was going to play forever. Got that "yeah right, 'indestructible'" look and BOOM immediate cloud of glitter as he tried to prove he was stronger than this card. He's never going to live it down at work. Also started a prank war now. Will be purchasing many more of these in the future.

Executed perfectly!
Great but...

Great product, easy and clear instructions! It was for my daughter‘s birthday so I glammed it up a bit with color and rhinestones!!! My only issue is that upon delivery- the top part of the card was bent.(photo enclosed)

Hello, sorry about the bent card. The gap between leaving our warehouse and into the mail is full of challenges we try to avoid. In the end we do offer full satisfaction to customers and we can send a new card over. I hope your daughter enjoyed it and you had a few laughs together as well. - Joker Greeting
Drove my boyfriend nuts

....and it was great. Best prank ever.

Birthday Card with Glitter
Amazingly fun prank card!

We gave this card to my Mother-in-law yesterday and she could not figure out how to turn it off It played for a good 25 minutes at our kids soccer game before we told her she had to rip it to stop it! Then glitter explosion! Haha everyone thought it was a riot!! Thanks so much. Can't wait to get our next unsuspecting victim

Holy crap!!!

This thing was amazing!!! 8 hours? Nah man, this lasted almost lasted 24! It made itself all around the house once discovered and we never actually found it again I loved this so much and would definitely recommend it and buy it again and again and again!

Thanks! We try our best to make a great product and exceed our own marketing. We are totally sold out but more coming in October. :)
Birthday Card with Glitter
Shipping problems?

although I paid for 2 day shipping, I didn't receive the card until after 4 days. As I was tracking it, the package went from Northern California all the way to Tennessee instead of just going to southern California(where I live) Maybe this was a mix up of some sort but it does kinda suck to pay for one thing but get another. Overall review of the card itself was great!

Hi Alexis, I admit that FEDEX and USPS (yours was sent FEDEX) shipments defy common logic. Regardless, I have refunded the cost difference. Obviously not the point...but it's what we feel is correct. Have a great day.
Thank You Card with Confetti - Golden Girls Song
It's great

Super annoying


Endless Birthday Song with Glitter (Back in Stock Sept 25)


Endless Birthday Song with Glitter (Back in Stock Sept 25)


Card met all expectations. Friends called laughing then called back asking how to turn off. Pretended not to know. They ended up taking the card to a spare bedroom and putting it under a pillow. They called again the next day still laughing and asking where we got the card as they want to spread the fun to some of their friends.

Seriously the best cards ever!

I bought the endless scream card for my dads 70th birthday. His reaction was priceless! The card continued to scream for almost 18 hours, to the point I forgot about the card on the table, walked in, heard it scream and it scared the crap out of me! Unfortunatly both Joker Greeting cards ive bought were only half utilized, The farting fathers day card and now the screaming card were just too funny/entertaining to the recipient that they had no intention of tearing it open to get the glittery surprise. I cannot stress enough how much I love these cards!

Shipped late

I ordered the card for a friends birthday and based on the shipping timeline should have had the card in plenty of time. Instead the card shipped right away but instead of 3 business days it took 7 and missed his bday so I haven't opened the card or used it yet to review the actual product. I sent the company an email right away and never got a response. Spending $12 for a bday card is not my norm so needless to say I was a bit upset. Won't be buying from this company again.


Endless Birthday Song with Glitter (Back in Stock Sept 25)

Loved it!

Definitely getting more for future holidays

Great Product

Great Product. Works just as it says it will.


Endless Recordable Sound With Glitter

Best ever!!

I can't suggest this's the most annoying thing on earth!!its not expensive..but worth a million laughs!!
I've bought 4 now..worked every time.

Happy Birthday

Have not given my grandson the card yet. Due in October. Sure he will love.

Disappointed and cheated

Purchased 2 products. Was emailed and told I'd only be receiving 1. Never got anything. Nice work guys.

Hi Jessica, Thanks for taking time to leave a review. I have a tracking number from USPS that says it has been delivered on August 17th. Obviously something else has happened. Let's talk more. - Travis, cofounder.
Birthday Card with Glitter
Best revenge

I bought the non glitter b-day card and it was the best! Every year my mom would put our gifts/cards where we could see them for weeks before our birthdays. I got her back with doing the same and an endless song! I got a video of her struggle and the moment I told her it never ends! Took her about an hour to figure it out and it was amazing!

Endless Birthday Card/w glitter

I bought the card for my 12 year old granddaughter she loved it and told all her friends about it. The glitter just made it that more memorable!!


Joker Cricket - Chirps for 8 hours - Sold out

Love it!!

This is the third card we've purchased and have gotten humorous and enjoyed feedback from the recipients!

Love it!

Love these, we will order more! So funny hearing my aunts story. And my grandpa got one today lol!

Never received

Never recoeved product as of today 8/26/17

Drew, I know that we have resolved this and cards are on their way. Thanks for reaching out.
Didn't work until we opened it up

It worked only after I opened the package and pressed the button that way. When I reached out to the company, owner was rude and demeaning. I wasn't even wanting to get a new one I just wanted them to know. Will never order anything from this company again and have told everyone I know to not do so either.

Hi Andrea, Things happen and I was trying to understand your needs and the product. I believe we resolved this and i appreciate you reaching out.
Thank You Card with Confetti - Golden Girls Song
Great Entertainment for the Whole Office!

We wanted to show our supervisor how much we appreciated her (she has a good sense of humor and enjoys pranking as well), and it was a great laugh for us all. She did figure out that I was the main culprit and decided to shower my cube with the glitter...I'm still finding some two weeks later and it has even followed coworkers into the bathrooms and even home... I would definitely do it again if she'd ever accept another card from the office :)


Joker Cricket - Chirps for 8 hours - Sold out


Endless Scream with Confetti

Everyone loved it!!

It took a while for my boyfriend to realize why it said forever on the inside. Everyone had a good laugh when we tested out the waterproof-ness of the battery.


Had so much fun using the Cricket card and Congratulations card. Will certainly order more in the future!


Endless Birthday Song with Glitter

Never gonna forget this!

I knew it was going to be fun to see my co-workers reaction, but it was even more epic! He thought he was going crazy... I cherished every second! Thanks for this amazing product!

Greatest thing..ever!!

I hid this behind my mom's bed and it went on for HOURS. It drove her nuts! And the glitter surprise wasn awesome! You won't regret it. Do it.

Making a family reunion most memorable

For the first time in 3 years, my paternal family held a big reunion. My 3 siblings, their spouses, and 2 nieces rented a house, while my husband and I, with our 3 kids, chose to stay in a hotel. On the last night of our trip, my husband and I planted the cricket in one of the bedrooms. My sister in law couldn't sleep all night, for fear of a cricket crawling into her mouth. She searched frantically all night. She wasn't angry with anyone, until my husband texted my brother to ask if they'd found their cricket. They are now driving to their new house, from the family reunion, having had no sleep.
I plan to buy your endless congratulations card with glitter to send to their new home when they arrive. In it, I will write, "Sorry about the cricket."
I know that when they receive it, their hammer will still be packed in the moving van.
Thank you for helping me hone my little sister skills.