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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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All is Perfect BUT no glitter? Where is the glitter (in between the sheets in the card)

All is Perfect BUT no glitter? Where is the glitter (in between the sheets in the card)

Hi Robert, I am trying to be a nice as I can by saying the name of the product explains why you can't find any glitter...this product does not have glitter, hence the 'no glitter'. Not everyone wants it.
What a wonderful card

One went to a friend whose partner almost had a breakdown trying to stop the music. The friend loved it.
The other one was trying to save the battery to use for a phone greeting. When the glitter pop out he was so excited he use the glitter as eyeshadow.
The next one goes out 5-4. I can't wait. Thank you, thank you. Thank you!


The card was cute. I expected it to be louder and the glitter didn’t necessarily explode, but rather just fell to the floor. Would potentially buy again.

6 Hours and Still Crying

I bought the Mother's Day Card for my mother and sent it to her unsigned so she would also wonder what wonderful child sent her this magical gift. It was everything I hoped it would be. She pressed the button thinking it was a recorded message from one of us kids, and was instead rewarded with a screeching baby. The crying baby noise continued to get louder with each press of the button. She finally decided to destroy the card and was reward with tons of glitter confetti. The card has been going strong for 6 hours now. She threw it outside in the bushes but we can still hear it. All in all I gibe it a 10/10 😂

Cricket filled the silence

Had some office fun


Love it! Love Joker Greeting’s products. Always a good time.

Most excellent

Drove my coworker CRAZY!
She was ready to call in an exterminator!!

Cooperate Office Fun

Bought this for April Fools and everyone got a kick out of it. Cricket Card was awesome but wish the Congratulation Card was louder

Awesome card!

The only thing that didn't work was the testing phase but the card did its thing in the end!

Not worth the money or shipping.

Card was very quiet and when you go to rip it, the glitter is in a small pouch of its own so it’s very easy to avoid spilling glitter. Did not turn out the way I had anticipated. Next time I’ll go for one of the other card companies with exploding glitter.


Cant wait to give it

That shit was fantastic

I got it for my brother birthday. According to him, my sister in Law got a hammer and they turned it off “Thor style”. Will definitely order again

Amazing Product!

My mother received this card as an accidental birthday card, but it still worked perfectly. There was enough glue that the batteries wouldn't pop out and after the crying baby annoyed my dad and scared the cat, my dad had to cut the wires. My family hasn't laughed that hard in years, best purchase of the year.

Best Bday card ever

Recieved in perfect condition
Came with super easy instructions
This was a card for my brother. First text back was
"LOL had to smash the card to bits to get it to shut up! Thanks ash we loved it". It worked perfectly. It got louder with the 2nd press. The song was great. I will be ordering again soon!

Came bent... Emailed with no response

Came very bent and creased. Sent the company an email asking to do a quick exchange and never received a response back.

Love Hate

I loved it, my roommate hated it. It’s everything I could have hoped for!

Not loud enough

Product was disappointing. Was not loud enough. Very quiet.

Almost amazing

The card and sound were great. The glitter inside was disappointing. All the glitter had gotten stuck in a corner and didn’t come out when they ripped into the card. Maybe use a fine glitter instead of chunky glitter?


I’m very happy with the product. I’m anxious for the meow to be back in stock. I’d like it if you could control the frequency of the sound though


Worked awesome... my daughter came downstairs stating there was a cricket in her vent. And she was gonna get some big killer....then she thought about... said... YOU have something to do with this. Hehe

St. Patrick's day card

Absolutely hilarious, definitely buying more cards in the future.


I ordered 2 cricket cards but only 1 of them worked. The one that worked was still chirping 4 days later. I gave this 3 stars since I got a dud cricket.
UPDATE: Good customer service totally makes up for the dud cricket. They offered to send a replacement. I’m giving them 5 stars. 👍🏼

Hello, thanks for the review and sorry about the dud. If it were 50/50 defect we'd be out of business long ago. Can we send over a replacement for the defect? thanks, Joker Greeting

Our accounts/payroll person left her car unlocked outside the office and I stuck this on her sun visor. She just climbed in the car to go home and was chatting away with me when she suddenly froze, looked at me and said “I thought I just heard a cricket 🦗 in here” ... I had to walk away cos I couldn’t stop laughing!
I posted on Facebook what I’d done and where it was hidden, then in a 2nd post I added ‘And another good thing about it is if she finds it she’s going to have to rip it to bits to take the battery out ... no off switch’ forgetting to mention that it’s loaded with glitter inside!
I may not be getting paid this week, but it’s worth it!

This is very well done! Love it.