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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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The card was good but

The card was good but my husband failed to execute the joke properly.
Can I have a refund [on the husband]?

Haha. Well, if you get a refund on your husband than my wife would ask for a refund on me...and then I have no where to sleep and this just becomes an issue. Sorry, you gotta stick it out, for joker greeting's sake.
Loved it!!

My sister loved and hated it! I had to tell them to pull the battery at my place or they would have had a mess at her inlaws place. They lvoed it even more. My brother inlaw loved more than my sister more so when the glitter came out. He said it was the best joke ever! Thank you!!

Endless Christmas with Glitter

Worked perfectly! The recipient never expected anything like this.

Good but could be better

I feel like it needed a little more glitter but other then that very good product

Best card ever!

I LOVE these cards. I sent them to people for Christmas (none of those picture of your family cards for me). My sister texted me 6 times after she opened hers asking what she had ever done to me to deserve this. It was the holidays so, I didn't elaborate. There are a lot of cards out there but, if you want memorable cards, these are them.


These are so much fun. I bought the cricket and the endless bark birthday card. Both worked perfectly. I sent the birthday card to my Dad. I got a note: "Thank you for the barking card that exploded with glitter everywhere. I should have known better."

Lots of fun

Worked like a charm, however it shut off the first time it was played after 15 minutes. Second time not sure, as our friends tore it apart.

Christmas card

Was really hilarious perfect


Great laughs!!!

Hilarious and worth it

The immature child or youngest child syndrome, whatever you want to call or label it...these cards fill the ever-longing need to piss off your friends and family in ways that just tickle the funny bone.

Christmas glitter

Glitter was spilling out before tearing

Hi Marnie, While I am happy the card worked well I am sorry the glitter pack was cracked open. While that can be 'fixed' with some extra glue or tape last minute...regardless we can offer a new card (for another occasion) or a refund as we expect things to work properly too. Joker Greeting

Perfect for the MIL

Worked great

Very happy with the cards.

Best gift ever lol

It exceeded my expectations. It was given to my husband and he pressed the music button and was like “ohhh I like that.” Well he went to mash the button again and it got louder. When he mashed it again trying to shut it off it wouldn’t go off. It lasted only about 20 minutes before he ripped it open and glitter went everywhere... it gave us a really good laugh. Speedy delivery and discreet packaging!!

The Glitter didn't come out

The joke lasted all of like 4 seconds before one of them realized it was a joke and was able to pull the cord out and turn off the music. No tearing and thus no glitter. It was rather expensive for a few seconds.

Hilarious Awesome Loved it

It was awesome I loved it. The gifties not so much will be purchasing more in the future

Still going...

Quick turnarounds and great follow up!
Also, I got a video today, 2 weeks after the card was opened, and the card started play when the button was pushed and played for 3 more hours. So good.

Had a lot of fun with these

Too quiet

You could barely hear the cricket so no one noticed. Great idea but bummed it didn’t really work.

Brilliant, loved it

Gave it away with a tacky calendar for a white elephant and was amazing. Exactly as promised. Would and probably will buy again

Practical Joke Christmas Card

Sent to my Dad and one to my MotherInLaw. Still ROFLing

can't mail them

It wasn't until after I received the cards that I was informed that they could not be mailed in an envelop as a normal card. (they have to be in a box or similar with bubble wrap to protect the button)

Hi Dan, While it is true they do need to be packaged or protected to mail them we really do try and put this everywhere we can. It's on the product page (twice), FAQ, and in the order confirmation email you receive immediately after the purchase. And yes we put it on the packaging of the card instructions. They can be mailed but they do require some protection. We are working on an update but it needs to be a solution that the sender doesn't accidentally start either. We think we have the solution and it's being tested. Joker Greeting