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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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We bought 15 cards- AAA

My husband and I underestimated how much joy WE would receive from our family and friends receiving "defective" cards!
Most of them thought we were cheap and purchased defective cards. ....until the glitter hit them! So many great phone calls from these. You guys are great! Fantastic product.

Never worked

We ordered 2 cards, they both did not work. The button moved around, by the time the receiver opened, they pressed it and it sounded dead. would not buy again.

Hello Jessica, we actually do not use play buttons in the card so pressing play shouldn't do anything regardless. They trigger when they are opened. Any chance you can send me photos or videos of the broken cards? Did they play music when you wrote in them? I'm always trying to learn when a defect may occur. We always refund a defective card. - Joker Greeting

Worked perfectly

Oh, the text messages we received when our victims got their cards. Priceless.
A word of warning: make sure to get enough postage. We took ours right to the post office and were charged $2 a card.

So great

Most of my family tried to combat the Christmas Joy by placing the card outside in a Minnesota winter. They brought it back inside and the card and battery warmed back up and the songs resumed. I am just very overall pleased.

Just perfect. So much fun. We sent the Meowy Christmas to all our family and it was an absolute hit and provided many laughs. I do wish there was a non-glittered version as I felt a little bad/guilty sending this to certain family members as I didn't think they would find the glitter funny. Still sent, of course. 10/10 would buy and send again. Can't wait for my next purchase.

Endless Christmas greeting

First of four recipients responded and loved it.

Happy customer

Great!!! Had lots of laughs. Recommend for everyone.

Good Product.

Good quality, and funny. (Although it would be a bit easier to wrap things if the paper was thinner.)

You can trust these cards

I was reluctant to buy, especially from tiktok, but it was worth the chance. I followed the instructions for 10 cards and shipped them individually via FedEx to family across the country. Every one hit its target, and worked flawlessly. Thank you for annoying my family!

Greatly Enjoyed this

Will likely purchase more. Very fun gift


The card worked exactly as described, and had the desired effect. Essentially they loved/hated it.

Very funny my family and I do joke gifts every year and this was the best one yet

Funnier than fuck

Worked like a charm!

I gave this card to a friend of mine and it got him good. Once he couldn’t get the music to stop he proceeded to open the card BAM! Glitter everywhere. The cat choir was perfectly annoying and delightfully relentless!! Way to go joker cards!

Great cards!

Lols had by all. Very entertaining gift

Doesn't play for very long.

I had jokergreetings pack and send it for me. The recipient said it stopped playing after 5 mins. Hardly the annoyance I was going for.

Hello. It does sound like a weak battery. Unfortunately this defect is hard to detect as we test the card but obviously we can’t test the max. While defects do happen rarely we do try and solve quickly. Thanks for letting us know I’ll send a refund. Travis, joker greeting

Now my family hates me

Best gift ever

Christmas gift

Haven’t used the 2 cards yet giving one to my sister & the other to my brother for Christmas.

Hilariously funny.

bought a birthday card and Christmas card .2 different people. the birthday card recipient has not talked to me since😅. The Christmas card recipient had to take card apart and disconnect wires. so funny.

Extra postage!

Manufacturer fails to mention in the description nor in FAQ, that additional postage is required. Lot of money to be lost in the postal system, hopefully returned and not lost/thrown away. Seriously delayed delivery as well. Sad if receiver has to pay extra postage. I emailed company about not giving warning and no reply.

Reply to reply. Yes you did email a response to my first question; if additional postage was required after my mail was delayed. I then emailed again asking why this information isn't on your website and you didn't respond. I used the envelope that you provided and mailed it within the continental USA, as most people would do. Greeting cards will say 'extra postage required', but yours does not, so my assumption is that is would be handled normally by the post office. I would suggest that you add this information to your web site and a note on your envelopes so that others don't get burned as I was.

Hi Edward, I actually see that I emailed you on Nov 30 at 8:15 pm. Since I don't quite know how you packaged it I said that it can typically take 2 stamps. If you mail it in a bubble envelope it will require more but that is determined by your local post. Unfortunately, I am not able to give accurate shipping prices when you are shipping to someone else.

Defective Card

I followed the directions exactly and the meowing would not stop after signing the card even though I pulled the tab while the card was in the envelope, per the instructions. Total waste of money and time.

Reply to JG: Yes, I opened the card to sign it, the cats sang and never stopped. I closed the card, put it in the envelope, and then removed the tag...but the cats never stopped. It was as-if the protective tab was not engaged, so when I opened it to sign it, it was off to the races.

Hi Josh, just to confirm, when you closed the card and placed it inside the envelope it kept singing? Just trying to better understand it and I can definitely send a refund on a defect. - Joker Greeting

Thanks for your reply:
I will send a refund to the card. It does sound like a defect. It should have stopped the moment you closed the card. The tab was not 'in' completely in the first place.

"You. Are. Evil."

The text message from my brother made my day. I didn't hear how he got the card to stop playing, but knowing it didn't stop was enough to make me smile for a long time.

Endless Birthday With Glitter

Endless Punk Rock Birthday with Glitter

The candle is a little smaller than I expected. I haven't given it to my unsuspecting victims yet, but the anticipation is well worth it.