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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Bad Purchase

Glitter was everywhere in the bag before I opened it, and the card wouldn't play the music until hours later when I was throwing it out.

Sorry about that. Things do happen but we work to fix it as fast as possible. If you send us a photo we would send a new one immediately. Can we send one over? - joker greeting

Great prank

Had a blast with this at work. Had everyone cracking up and asking where I got it from.

These are greAt!

Worked just as it was supposed to! 😂 gave it to my cheating baby daddy for his new kid 🤷🏼‍♀️Glitter all over his truck now

Elevate the prank war in the office (without getting fired)!

I purchased 3 Cricket cards w/glitter trap. Worked exactly as planned, almost. Scoped out the "targeted victim" office to find the perfect hiding place and stuck it the night before after office hours. The trap was set and waiting to be activated the next day. Being my first time activating one I screwed up trying to pull the battery tab and pulled the card down setting off the glitter trap. Lucky my "targeted victim was late and none of his cube farm mates noticed me and I was able to clean up and try again. Second time I pulled the tab before I stuck it behind the light on the overhead cabinet. I waited until he got to work and left his cube to walk in and press the button and walk out unnoticed by anyone. After a few minutes I heard the first cricket and watched the irritation build for a couple hours from a distance. Finally he'd had enough and the hunt was on to kill a cricket with other irritated cube mates in the area joining in for the hunt. It was finally found and as the group was celebrating victor by ripping the irritating device down, the cricket got the last laugh by dumping glitter all over his desk, books, mouse pad, get the picture. It was funny how everyone was in the mood to help the victim hunt for the irritating cricket. But once the glitter was all over his desk, he was left alone to clean up the mess by himself. Camaraderie only goes so far when you work in a cube farm.

More victims are on my radar as I type this....going to be keeping my office door locked for a while though.

Was perfect!

Loved the communication from the seller.

Hilariously Fun

bought these as a great little gag to play on a co-worker. Not only were they concerned there was a cat lost, but once they realized it was in the ceiling the fun really began... best part, once it stopped it's initial run, it was able to go again for a few more hours when the buttons were pressed again!


This didn’t work!! We followed the directions to the T... and when they received it in the mail... no song. So sad this didn’t work. My kids were so excited!!

Freaking Awesome

We are going to prank those mo’ fo’s so hard.


a lot of fun for everyone

Loved it

Got this as a joke for my sister's 21st birthday. took her a minute after opening it to realize that the sound wasn't turning off but when she did it was funny.

Meow move!

My daughter moved from Dallas to Kansas City with her cat. This made a great house warming fun gift. We got lots of laughs watching her try to figure out what was going on. Funny stuff! Thanks for the laughs Joker Cards!

I’m a frequent shopper lol

Love the cards and the reactions from the receivers are priceless.

Great Joke

Everything worked perfectly right down to the glitter. So funny and great prank!

It worked good but it took longer than expected to get here

Great product. Came on time


I’m so glad I discovered these cards. The one I purchased worked perfectly and with hilarious results. I’ll definitely be buying more in the future.

Worked Too Well

We stored our card in the fridge and eventually it shut off. However, whenever we reopened it it would start again. After about 2 weeks of this, a disgruntled member of the family tore it in half to silence the never-ending flatulence, and unleashed a hell storm of glitter. There is still glitter on the floor that reminds us all of the fart card's legacy.

Dad's birthday card

He enjoyed, mom didn't

Amazing and Ridiculous

gave this as a xmas gift and it was a hit. she spent the rest of chrismas laying over the pillow playing on her ipad

Not really a surprise

It's a funny concept but the person I sent it to saw the prank from a mile away, there were labels on it that said Joke Greeting and they knew if they pulled the tab the noise wouldn't stop because it said it. I wish the prank were truly a surprise.

enjoyed watching my friend annoyed after an hour

Haven’t used them yet but...

Haven’t used them yet, but packaging is great and the concept is hysterical. Waiting for the perfect moment to deploy them. Too good to waste!


Loved it, great quality card and lots of laughs!

A Christmas Surprise

We loved the bath bomb! We gave it to my daughter who is terrified of spiders.