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Endless "Never Gonna Give You Up" Birthday Card With Glitter

This was a HUGE hit!

Sent this to my girlfriend in Hawaii - of course I sent it to her work address. She opened it, and noticed too late that it wouldn't turn off! A coworker offered to "destroy" it, but she wanted to keep it so she put it in her trunk for the day! Awesome product - I will buy more!

Endless Barking Birthday with Glitter

Great Gift!

Once everyone couldn't tolerate the endless music, the best part was the shower of glitter when they tore the card in half!

Great funny card

This was the perfect birthday card and he really got a kick out of it. Will definitely be buying again.

scream box

these make very funny gift boxes


Unfortunately my boyfriend is too sentimental and refused to tear apart a card I got him...even if it did moan for approx 3 hours before the battery died. I also got the Trump camera covers. I was worried it would fall off his car but it stayed on for a solid two weeks before he finally removed it. Both were hilarious.

Funny as hell

I gave it to my niece that just turned 13 lol. She flipped me the bird after reading it and she tried to pull out the battery and was covered in glitter lmao. She was annoyed with it, but she got a good laugh out of it and sweared she would get even lol

Joker Door Knock
Brandon Kalo
So funny

I've probably spent over 500.00 on these cards in last few years. And it's awesome. Only thing I recommend is to bring back the confetti to fall out when you rip the card off the item you stuck it to

Mission accomplished

This is a message received from my mother. “ Dad got your card!!!!! It drove the dog crazy for awhile and then it drove us crazy when we couldn't turn it off! I finally cut the card open. Did you know the inside of the card is filled with glitter??? And there is no off button! I had to cut the wire to the speaker! Now I am still picking up glitter!! I think Dad mentioned something about you being a little shit!! 🤪😂”

Greatest prank ever !

The look on my adult sons face (who's always pranking me) was priceless when he closed the card and it wouldn't stop farting. After 2 hours I hinted he should tear it up to make it stop..then boom..the glitter went everywhere...then I made him was the best!

Endless Punk Rock Birthday with Glitter


Such a fun birthday card I gave to my brother he called me to ask how he turned it off and then said he was going to get a hammer, his son convinced him to rip it open… Glitter everywhere!! We both laughed together on the phone

Great Prank

The song is fine at first ha ha. After a while gets old. Glitter baby. Glitter


Hysterical!! Have used the MEOW joker card twice. Truly sooo much fun to watch my friends search for the cat! Hard to keep a straight face. I could've let it go on for hours but had to let on after 40 minutes. I was afraid one group was going to rip onto a wall and the other group got the maintenance guy involved. Have already bought some more.


The cricket is awesome!
Sounds so real and different sounds! I must get more!

What a hoot!

These were purchased for Christmas holiday, hopefully sending them out, and receiving further feedback once sent!!

I think the title of it should be changed to Baby Wah- Wah or endless crying baby, it just makes ...

I gave it to me dad for Father’s Day, which I wasn’t sure about since I was afraid he wouldn’t like it and think it was annoying, but he ended up loving it! He said it was the best card he’s ever gotten, which I was definitely happy about. The only thing is he cut it open (to try and turn it off) from the inside of the card instead of the back so the glitter didn’t get to spill, but I guess that’s ok.

Card didn't work

I sent a card to my son and when it was opened.. Nothing happened

Revenge is sweet!

Bought this box (filled it with Reese's Cups) as "revenge" for my son sending the Meow card to me for my birthday. He was not expecting it, since I waited 5 months. He was very amused - as was his office since he set the box of candy on his desk. They all got a kick out it, and I got my revenge for the birthday card, which played until the next day!

Punk rock prank

This was great! First it arrived very quickly. Secondly package nicely, the card wasn’t all mangled. Best of all this with my boss open the card up. 30 minutes into it repeating the song he had enough and tore apart to cut the wires, glitter was all over the place. Hilarious! Awesome product thanks guys and gals. It made our office a funny place today.

Endless Punk Rock Birthday with Glitter

Defeated and cheated prank. Card was still totally worth it

I hate to say it, but my dad defeated one of your birthday cards lol. He only tore it open enough to clip the cords and didnt get any glitter or confetti on him, lol. But was totally worth the try to get him, plus he did have to listen to the card for 30 mins before working out his plan to clip the cords lol.

Send one to my sister too, she cheated and Googled why her birthday card wouldn't stop playing, and saw not to tear and threw it in her car until it stopped playing. Lol

Me and my dad have decided to give one to my aunt for her birthday next year for her 60th birthday lol

Endless Birthday Farts With Glitter

Endless Father's Day Farts With Glitter
Savanna Lentsch

Endless Father's Day Farts With Glitter