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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Loved it but…

It was great! The person had ripped it up as planned and it played for 8 hours at first, then just 3 but the third time it was torn. However, when it was opened the glitter didn’t come out. When torn it did though. Little disappointed but I will definitely get others for different events. 8.5/10 would buy again

Love this

Best prank. Worked perfectly. My favorite part is that my friend let it play until it finally stopped (hours!) And afterwards he opened it again to show his son and it STARTED PLAYING AGAIN! Awesome. We loved it. He never tore the card open unfortunately so the glitter didn't get him.... yet........

Great product! Dad really got a kick out of it but I wish it would have lasted longer. The speaker on lasted a few hours before stopping.

If they didn't break it, please ask them to "just see it if it starts again." It is not done.


Battery lasted an unexpected time, lasting about 8-10 hours. Then one got ripped open, just wish I was there to see it happen 😂.

Great song!

And the song played over and over and over!!! 🤣

super fun

I got it for my brother's graduation we had a blast it played for 6+ hours

Best Joke Card

This card does not stop for hours! My husband is a sentimental card saver so didn't even consider ripping the card open to take the battery out...for several hours. When he just could not take it any longer he used a pair of scissors to try to preserve the card. HA! even cutting it open sent some glitter spilling. Great card!


I sent this card to my dad for Father's Day. He told me he had opened it first thing in the morning. After reading what was written in the card by my brother and I he closed the card and the music was still playing. He told me after 3 mins he thought the card was defective, not knowing the real intention of the card. He proceeded to gently open the card to detach the wiring and that's when the glitter came out. He told me all of this a couple hours later on the phone and said it was the best most annoying card he's ever received in his 60 years on this planet.... can't wait to purchase more of these cards for loved ones :)

Did not work

I followed directions on the pack of envelopes and none of the glitter pouches opened up when the tab was pulled. I don’t think they were worth the purchase but I loved the idea and I love the never ending song cards. A bit disappointing because all I want is to torment those that I love.

Great gift, went well

The gag went over well, but did confuse my husband. Fortunately, he loved the song and the card. Would buy again.


It was fun watching my husband try to not be agitated that the sound didn’t stop. He finally opened it up & caught it just in time so the glitter didn’t go everywhere, he didn’t want to make me mad by making a mess lol.. I said it would have been worth it!!

Envelop and card didn’t drop glitter

Envelop and card didn’t drop glitter

Pretty cool

You can kind of tell something’s up with it considering it opens a bit weird, but it is pretty easy to open up and use.

My dad had a great reaction to the card and it still farting

USB Cricket Prank
william schauffler

Used at firehouse. Great item. But they tossed it. Will do again.


I gave this card to my dad “from the dogs” and he was so confused when it kept playing! He was a little too smart for the card 😂. He ripped it open and the glitter is great. But he cut the wires to the sound box. Amazing card!

Best thing ever

Best money spent recently

Endless farts for real

I bought the happy farters day card for my husband for his first fathers day. He opened the card at 1145am and it is now 10pm. the card has no signs of slowing down at this point almost 12 hours later. My husband said "the stickers are great! the farts are good but the glitter... oh man" and now after 11 hours he is so impressed with the farting

Great product and great shipping


Gave it to my friend for her birthday and it lasted so long! I definitely recommend.

Love these and they are wonderfully annoying