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Cannot wait for mothers day!

Hat trick!

I sent this to my best friend who now lives in another state but it was worth every penny to get the angry texts! He got hit with wvery stage of the prank wish some one would have got it on video!


Joker Cricket

Funny but short

The card was really funny when it worked. The only reason it stunk, was it ended up not working after about 10-15 mins.

Greatest cards EVER!

Got everything to play jokes on multiple people,the cricket,happy birthday, and mothers day cards have not dissapointed!

4 star review

Love that the card came with fast shipment. Reaaly dissapointinb That it’s A defefcted one as when it arrived it’s already was leaking glitter

100% Customer Satisfaction EVERY. TIME.

By this point, I have now bought several products from Joker Greeting--a few of the birthday cards as well as the NSFW card and the thank you greeting. With the Cricket, I was, once again, entirely satisfied with the product and thoroughly entertained. April Fools fell on Easter Sunday this year, so naturally I took the opportunity to introduce some mischief into the occasion. My parents hosted our family's dinner, which we held in our dining room (open to the living room where we have a piano about five feet away from the dining room table). I hid the Cricket card in the piano bench right before dinner and then spent the next hour and a half trying not to break face as periodically someone would ask, "Okay, seriously, is there a cricket in here or is that someone's phone??" I actually had to get out my phone and prove that it wasn't my text tone. The fact that the cricket chirps came at an irregular cadence was just a brilliant touch.
My siblings eventually figured it out, but my parents didn't find the card until the next morning! 100% worth every penny. I cannot say enough about this company and the products. You're looking at a life-long customer here for sure! :)

Too quiet.

11 days after April Fool's day I had to go into my boss's office to show him the prank I had hidden nearly two weeks earlier. The funny thing was, the batteries were still good. The thing was so quiet we could hardly hear it on his desk. It was a great idea though.

Not long

The recording only lasted for about 30 minutes

Hi, sorry about this. Unfortunately defects can happen. I will be sending a refund for this. Thank you for the review. Joker Greeting

Joker Cricket

Best thing ever

Co worker couldn’t find it under their chair. Lasted much longer than 8 hours. More like 2 days!!!

It worked

Drove family member crazy for hours. Once they found it and tried to open it to disable it the glitter was an added bonus.

Works as advertised

I was able to annoy several co-workers and bosses over the course of one shift. Thank you!

You are welcome! Thank you for the review.

I bought two of these recently and I put one in my roommate's room on the back of her dresser right next to her new eliptical. Then I left the house for the weekend. The messages I received from her were absolutely hysterical, ranging from "I think there's a cricket in my new eliptical", and "my cats are useless because they can't find and kill this cricket" all the way to "so do you want to come get your all your stuff before I burn the house down to get rid of this cricket?" She even accused me of hiding something somewhere that would make the noise but I played it off.
I did feel a little bad because it lasted from about 1:30pm when I put it in her room all the way until 8:30am the following morning when it finally stopped.
However I managed to get home and remove all evidence before she ever found it and now if I want, I can do it to her again, or maybe my coworkers someday...(cue maniacal laughter)!

Great gag!

Set this up at work, then left for the week. Heard they had moved all file cabinets, emptied them, and searched around the office all day trying to find the cricket. Never found it and had no idea where it was coming from. Very funny.

The Perfect April Fool’s card

This worked perfectly! I gave it to a friend as part of an Easter/Thank You gift. I got a Vox from her thanking me for the card but the card wouldn’t stop playing. Her boyfriend had put the card in the freezer in an attempt to muffle the sound. I Voxed her back saying April Fools and that the instructions said the only way to stop the music was to tear it open. Mwahahaha! I got another Vox back. Thankfully, for her at least, she opened it over the kitchen sink. I anticipated the retribution for the card will come when I least expect it, but it was worth it.



Children torture

I bought this to trick my kids in April Fools Day! The three of them running around in frustration made it worth every penny. The glitter was just the cherry on top


They do bug people!! GET IT

So worth it!

Bought this and put it on the ceiling fan like the video, she kept hearing it but I convinced her she was the only one hearing it, saying the crickets aren’t out at this time of the year. And the card finally died but I never told her. Later I ripped a hole in the card but left it on the fan. When she came home and turned on the fan she was surprised and then found the card. She was so mad, but at the same time she admitted it was a really great prank! She tells the story all the time now

Haha. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. And yes, it’s a funny prank everyone enjoys.
Didnt last that long!

Kind of expected it to last more than two hours.


I purchased 3 of them so that I can slowly make my friend go insane. One down, 2 to go. Working wonderfully so far!

Joker Cricket Cards

I purchased a few of these off of amazon for a fun April Fools day prank. Amazon predicted delivery later then I had hoped but the arrived a few days ahead of schedule and worked like a charm. I would definitely recommend this product and company.

Excellent. Glad we beat your expectations.
Fun Fun Fun!

Had a blast pranking the youngster with the Joker Cricket! My only complaint would be it’s a little too loud. The volume level made it easy to find. I have a couple more to play with so I’ll be keeping that in mind when I hide one at work...

Best $10

Best $10 I ever spent

Great for April Fool’s

Put four of these around my office. People were losing their minds trying to find the crickets. All of them lasted at least eight hours, some even went for 24 hours. Hopefully they come up with more sounds so I can do it again.


The recipient is far too careful to rip open the card, hence no glitter. :( However, I have a lovely 3:47 long video on my phone now of him opening the card and realizing what was happening! This was a prank on a coworker (actually my manager), and I'm so glad to have Golden Girls "haunting [his] dreams."

Thank you. No, really, thank you forever, and ever, and ever...


It works she was fooled for an hour
Only drawback I wish it had an on off switch once
Activated it’s a one time use. Unless you open it to replace a battery which I haven’t tried. I heard it has glitter inside if your person you fooled it’s angry and rips it open

Great gag

This worked great.



Best prank ever!!

Hands down, this prank was a success! I had 14+ Hours of cricket sounds going! My family was looking for the crickets all Easter day!!


My brother loved it, for like 10 seconds.
then he hated it.


Loved it!!!!


Joker Cricket


It worked perfectly and everyone got a great laugh


Joker Cricket

Great Prank

I bought this to play a prank on some friends while we were away on a trip. It worked, it was fun and we all got a good laugh out of it.



So funny

My family member called me saying her card didn’t play any music and kept randomly screaming . I was laughing so hard I had tears . I’ll be ordering again soon !

Not enough chirps

Minr only went off about 10 times throughout the day. Not even enough to get anyone searching for a "cricket" but just enough to acknowledge there was probably a cricket in the room.

Only worked for about a half hour

Had it hidden in managers office... Only chirched a handful of times in a half hour and stopped working. Would have been an amazing prank.

Butterfly Review

Very good


Birthday Recordable With Glitter

Thank you!

Best 7 bucks I ever spent

Why not use an annoyatron from thinkgeek?

Why not use an annoyatron from thinkgeek? These Joker Crickets last a hell of a lot longer thats for sure!

Loved it!

I work in a nursing home and I purchased 2 cricket cards and attached 1 to each of the nurses carts! It was epic watching them rip their carts apart trying to find what it was! When 1 of them was found and was pulled off, the glitter (I didn't expect) was a glorious touch!!

Makes Birthdays Really Fun

Definitely an ear-worm, but will certainly surprise friends and family with how long this card will last.


Although someone ruined the part about there being glitter, it did motivate my boss to just keep it playing instead of ripping it up. It sat at his desk for over 5 hours before he couldn’t take it anymore. Well worth watching him try to shut it off other ways. Definitely will buy again!

Didn’t work

The card didn’t work. I was super disappointed.

Mom... What did you do?

Took a while for the chirps to begin, but they are very effective. However, my son determined it wasn't real crickets when they chirp 3 times every time. He still doesn't know what I did.