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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Endless Screamer Birthday With Glitter

No glitter

So disappointed - when my brother tore open the card there was no glitter- wasted money

A fabulously fun Christmas card!

A fabulously fun & unique Christmas card! I can’t wait to send it.

Birthday card

My son was able to brake the back with no problems very disappointed


But only played for 2.5 hours. Will probably buy again! My father wanted to destroy it (which I encouraged because of the glitter), but my mother thought it was hilarious and wouldn't let him!! They literally let it play until it died.

All Cards are Great!!!

I have Purchased several cards and all have been Great!!

Worth more

Great card, I would pay more for the laughs and entertainment it provided

It's was okay

You get what you pay for these aren't top quality but not terrible either

Don’t mail them

Sent a card through the mail and it ripped. Still played music but the glitter came out into the envelope giving it away that it was a prank card.

Dog poop calendar

Only a couple good poop shots. A lot of pics of dogs getting ready to poop but no poop. A few shots of of dogs that look like there just sitting and not pooping Very disappointing!

A classic prank!

Meows work year round. I bought three. One for Christmas, two for later in the year.

Joker Meow: Plays intermittently

It was great!

It was great! The recipient thought it was funny!

Sounds like a cat in distress

I got two, tested one, ended up putting it on Christmas tree at big box store. It was nerve racking hearing poor kiity cry. Plus it cries too frequently. Ill end up putting the other one the same thing or throwing it away

I cannot wait!

My victim has not put their Christmas tree up yet, I’m keeping the ornament in my glove box at the ready for when the opportunity strikes. They live near an animal hospital which has a colony of feral cats, and they leave their back door open all the time. They are the perfect target for my prank!

Freaking hilarious!!

This card had me rolling!!

Hilariously awesome

The gliter is the best part, as no one in their right mind can stand the meowy Christmas for more than 20 minutes. The in-laws tore this card open after 10 minutes and the look of horror that ensued was priceless. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great laugh.

Still Laughing…

Worth every penny! It went into a teenager’s card pile to be opened later at home. I am still laughing at the texts I received from my cousin that night! The prank was for my cousin and his son was the perfect vessel!

Nonstop Laughs!

Worth every penny! It went into a teenager’s card pile to be opened later at home. I am still laughing at the texts I received from my cousin that night! The prank was for my cousin and his son was the perfect vessel! (This was for the slot machine card that sang… Congratulations… You really did it…

Can’t wait to try it

My order arrived very quickly. Now I have to be patient to send it.

Excellent service

We had a Problem with UPS and in the end I received my order with no extra charge and the cards were in excellent condition 👍😎

Can't wait

Haven't used them yet

Got my Sister good!

First, she was on the phone opening mail. Bonus. She didn't want to put it outside to annoy neighbors so the glitter worked too. 100% perfect. Thanks Joker Greeting!

Not sure what happened, didn’t play

I’ve bought and received other joker cards and was happy with them. My most recent purchase played on preview. I pulled the tab and mailed it however it did not play when it was received. The recipient and I were very disappointed.

As long as you gave us a 5 star for the one that worked? That way these are balanced out. haha. - Sorry to hear. Unfortunately defects happen. Do you know if it played music when you opened it? We can send a refund or a new card for the same occasion or a different once. - Joker Greeting

Didn’t work as advertised

I sent it to my parents, and when they opened it, there was no sound. Luckily my dad recognized that it should have sound, so he stuck a paper clip in the tab hole and it started playing. He then perfectly tore open the card to get it to shut off, so that glitter part worked great.