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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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So Much Fun

The greeting worked perfectly. I placed it under the desk of a co-worker and it drove him nuts. The next day I hid TWO cricket greeting cards. They worked perfectly and my co-worker has relocated to Iceland :-).

Outrageously Funny

Love these cards!! Truly funny and unique.

Endless Recordable With Glitter


More costly than your average card but the reaction is priceless. My mate loved it.

Endless Singing Congrats with Glitter

Awesome cards!

I bought the card to play a little prank on my boyfriend and make our Christmas a little more fun! Can’t wait until he sets it off! I love the fact that you can preview the song, and that you can Write a little message without having to worry about setting it off forever. Great customer service :)


The card did everything it was supposed to do. Super happy with the purchase! Will purchase again!

did not work as advertise

it did not scream every 90 seconds as advertised in your video. so the whole card was basically a failure. SORRY TO HAVE TO REPORT THIS TO YOU

Best card ever!

Unfortunately my mother in law saves EVERYTHING her kids give her and she refused to rip it to stop the music! so we still habent seen the glitter... BUT she did let it play out and pressed the button again after it stopped and it played for another hour! She loved it and though it was funny anyway! I plan to get one for every holiday from now on!

Great Cards!!

I have now bought several cards from JokerGreeting and everyone of them are hilarious. I constantly have people ask me about where I get them. I should be marketing for these guys!

Joker Cricket

Best prank joke ever!!!!!!!

I loved this thing. We got this for a coworker who was retiring from the fire service...we couldn’t stop laughing all day long!

So funny

Loved this card, it worked exactly as advertised. My brother opened it in the mail room and had to ride up to his floor in a full elevator trying to muffle the song! I only wish the glitter was a finer grain. It was too easy to clean up!

Best but something missing

I love that thing but instead of paper it is possible to use plastic or any other product that paper because it's too naive for this thing.

So fun

My brother hated it! It was perfect :)

Joker Cricket

Battery was dead

The battery was dead on arrival. Worthless

Great prank!!

This was a hit!


I had to wait a while to hand them out but oh was it worth it. The best part was forgetting there was glitter inside. Ha ha

Got em!

I left this card in the basket at a friend's wedding reception. They opened it that night. Sadly they were so meticulous in disassembling it that they didn't unleash the glitter, but what can ya do. Next time I'll target someone less rational. :)

I bought the cricket card and this birthday card. The cricket one was an amazing prank for the office and lasted the whole day. I sent the birthday card directly to the birthday girl and she refused to open the actual card because it was wrapped in the instructions that said what the card did, which I was not aware would happen. So I was bummed to have wasted that one.

Thanks for the review! The cricket is pretty amazing. And yes, the cards are packaged. We do ship items for people at so they don’t need to open packaging.
Broken on delivery.

on My birthday my sister was very excited to have gotten me the endless birthday but was broken as soon as I recieved it. Didn’t repeat her message or anything.

Hi, sorry about that. I am a bit confused on one thing..this doesn’t play messages but a NSFW sound. Did it play something else it sounds like someone tried to record a sound and that’s a different product. Happy to help how I can. Travis
This was great

This was a Great prank for my friend birthday the more I it went of the more u laughed

Perfect for the person who always enjoyed giving my children annoying singing cards!

Didn't work as stated

It only cried for a few minutes and stopped. It was mailed in a box so it couldn't have been accidentally pushed. I order a lot of cards from you and have never had this problem so although I was disappointed in this card all the other cards I have gotten have had no problem and 1 card dud will not stop me from ordering from you. As long as it's not continuously happening, I am very happy overall.
Thank you!!!

Hello, thanks for being such a loyal buyer and yes...things do happen but we do our best to correct any defects. We can send a refund or a new card (doesn’t need to be baby just pick on and let me know). Thanks for letting us know there was a problem. We can only fix what we know to be wrong. Travis co-founder