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Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Joker Toot
Lohny Schultz
Cat meow is awesome fart one not so much

Love the cat one have had so much fun I have order it twice 5 each time so recommended 100% won’t find a better prank !!! The fart one isn’t loud enough to work anywhere good so go with the cat one you won’t be disappointed that one they could offer a money back guarantee you will laugh so hard you cry !!!

Gag Halloween card.

I sent this to a couple who I knew would laugh about it . They didn’t tear it up to stop it , but took a Hammer to it ! Ha Ha ! I told them to go outside & have a Glitter Party !!

Baby cry with glitter card

This is by far the BEST card I have ever given !!! Bought for my sons baby shower, it was a huge hit. Everyone absolutely loved the “gag” card. I would suggest buying in bulk since it’s so much fun and entertaining.

Endless Baby Shower: Baby Cry With Glitter

My niece’s baby shower is Nov. 7th. I’m unable to go, but she promises to open my card right before opening the gifts. Her request was books in lieu of cards and my card is the only exception. Perfect card. Will report back after the shower.

Joker Meow
Patricia Green
Joker Meow

It’s saved for a future birthday. I love it and will share comments after the birthday. Perfect for my Granddaughter.

Friend hated it. We loved it

With the card not being continously it took almost ten minutes for him to realize it was never going to stop.... then gliter goes flying everywhere.... best card ever, can't wait for Christmas.


It annoyed my husband so it’s a win for me.

Great idea, but……

Bought two Happy Birthday cards, but the cards didn’t sing happy birthday like advertised. When the cards opened, they just screamed. More like a Halloween card then a Happy Birthday card. Still funny, but not what we expected.

Hello, yes, those that particular card “the endless screamer birthday card” is unique and it’s a card many enjoy. We do our best to put this in the title and description and the video showing actual sound on the card. If you wish to send them back it’s not a problem; we can handle the shipping. We have many other birthday cards that sing the happy birthday song too. - joker greeting


Loved the card, need more options for other events. I.e boss’s day, congrats, random events

That's the gift that keeps on giving, Clark

I got this for a friend. She opened it and on the inside I wrote an unbelievably long note (several paragraphs) so that she had to sit there and read for several minutes and even said "I can't wait to close this, so it stops". She finally finished and closed the card, but it kept playing. I saw the light leave her eyes as she realized the implications. She wrapped the card in bubble wrap, placed it in a manila envelope, then stuffed inside a fireproof filing cabinet, but not even all these layers could stop the card from spreading Christmas cheer. You could still hear it. I stayed beside her to offer moral support and encouragement in this time of distress.
3 hours and 45 minutes later it died.
She laughed and was gleeful as she pulled it out, remarking how glad she was that it was over. But it was not over. Not by a long shot. She opened it to read it again and it mustered its strength and continued its mission to spread joy and cheer.
30 minutes later it died.
She took it home to show her family and before she could utter a warning her daughter opened the card. It gave forth its final effort, playing for a third time. She told her daughter to take it out to the dumpster and destroy it. Moments later, glitter adorned the back porch. Due to the proximity to the door some made its way inside. It has now been almost a year and there is still glitter in her house. I have never enjoyed chaos so much.

Joker Meow

Bought a couple of these and put them inside their work vans to mess with some coworkers and it worked beautifully even had one of them buy cat food and water to try and intice the cat to come out of its hiding place.... best prank ever I haven't laughed that much in my whole life

I think they are hilarious!

Loved the card! The tag was a little hard to pull out, made me a tiny bit nervous but other wise no problems! Card arrived on time and I ordered a different card for another relative. 💜


It’s so cute and I love it so much. I got the Christmas cat card so I haven’t sent it yet but it looked so good online that I impulse bought it and I regret nothing. Definitely recommend.

Joker Meow
Dusty O.

The cat joke is epic! It drove the Type A personalities in the office insane as they united to save the cat "Power Rangers Unite!". I was pulled away and within 30 minutes it escalated to the point where funding was approved to punch a hole in the wall.... and me stopping the facilities maintenance worker as he prepared to make the first strike..assuring the cat in the wall that "its going to be okay". The glitter bomb on the carpet afterwards made me blow water out my nose. I highly recommend this product and the seller!

Joker Watch Beep
Sally Carter
Love Love Love

Absolutely recommend this product. I bought 5 - 2 that meow and 3 that beep. I have only used 2 and it was awesome!!! Such a great and easy prank. But not only is the product great but so is the customer service. I always worry about ordering things online but this company is legit and customer service is great and the shipping was FAST!!!! I will be ordering again and I recommend to anyone to not hesitate and order.

Joker Buzz Buzz
Sina Asendorf
Annoying noise, but no messy glitter experience

Tried to prank my brother, but he found it after only 30 minutes (what is my fault), ripped it off and the glitter didn't came out. I'm a bit disappointed...

Hello Sina, The Joker Buzz Buzz has glitter built inside the device that needs to be broken, literally, as there is no off switch. I think you are referring to the glitter trap feature which is found only on the Cricket Glitter Trap.

Joker Cricket + Glitter Trap

Joker Watch Beep
Dr. Winson Butler

Bought additional products on Amazon..
Very pleased.

Joke’s On Me

Bought this for a friend and gave it to him while trying not to laugh or give it away. After 45 minutes, it bugged me more than him and I told him what it was. He then put it in his room saying it would sing him to sleep that night. He loved it. I hated it. 😂


Family getaway. Parents literally climbed into attic looking. Lasted for hours. Had to finally confess when talk of tearing into the drywall started. Card was passed on to 2 more houses with similar results. Bringing 2nd one to Thanksgiving. Highly recommend.

The screamer

I purchased and delivered 3 of them to my September cluster birthday friends, I couldn’t have been more content with the results. Perfect.

Worth the money

Been a customer for years love this company and all of the products will continue to do business

Joker Meow
Jamie Henige
Joker cat

Cute idea! Hours of fun

Joker Watch Beep
Daniel Benavidez

Joker Watch Beep