Joker Greeting Customer Reviews

Verified Customer Reviews of Joker Greeting Cards; Musical Greeting Cards That Don't Stop Until The Battery Dies, Messy Cards With Confetti, And Joker Cricket.
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Many hours of laughter

Drove my coworker (crickety) when I hid this under a desk drawer. Many laughs were had by everyone, including her once we let her in on the mysterious cricket invasion

Insane Good

What an awesome calendar and idea. I cannot wait to see next month!

2023 Calendar: Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places

Love this calendar! Super cute and funny!

Endless Best Boss Card With Glitter

It worked perfectly!

Opened by retiring Director and mouths dropped open! But he loved it.

Endless "Never Gonna Give You Up" Birthday Card With Glitter

It was a real gas!

Bought 2. Both people loved them! Then got tired of them. Then hated them. Then got confetti bombed, while trying to destroy them. Worth every penny!

Christmas paper

Absolutely adorable

Dogs Pooping

Hilarious! Bought several to give out to friends. They all thought it was very funny.

Not welcomed back

Do not use one of these at your local Chinese buffet. Long story short… I’m not welcomed back.

Best Gift Ever

This screaming box drove my friend mad for hours and it was worth every penny.

Tricked a veteran cop

I have a personal trainer who has been a cop for over 20 years. I tried getting him with a generic glitter card. It didn't work. It malfunctioned. I bought this card to thank him and he wife. They realized the card wasn't going to stop playing. He took the card into the kitchen and I told his wife that it has glitter if he tries to open the back. Right before we left, he had to prove he could stop it. He opened the card and glitter started pouring out the back onto the floor. He thought I had opened it and put it in there. And glue it shut. I said no it came like that lol he make have called me a curse word while laughing. He totally got pranked and didn't see it coming.

Best sibling card EVER

You know you bought the best birthday card for your sibling when they call to tell you that they hate you :)
I can’t wait to do it again for Christmas!

a man after my own heart

this sucks!! i keep spending money in this economy on this site!! how dare you take advantage of the weak. these cards are the funniest thing i have done i a long time. Yet another awesome reaction!! I highly recommend using ship joker to send these to someone else anonymously. I just had a guy open one of these at his job and he texted me telling me the whole story. I signed another friends name to it so hes getting the blame!!hahaha im crying right now laughing as im typing this!!! my stomach hurts!!
the mark opened it at his office and then when he got tired of it not shutting off he ripped it open and he said he and a co worker were cleaning up the mess!! hahahahaha!!!

911 was called

So, I thought I'd play a trick on a good friend and neighbor by hiding one of these in his garage. Well, what I didn't know was just how realistic sounding these cards are. Soon after I hid the card in a storage rack in my buddies garage he began to hear it. His wife heard it, one of their neighbor's heard it, and the result of my actions was He ended up believing that somehow a cat had gotten into the wall of his garage. Honest! He ended up calling 911 to have the fire department to help him cut open the wall to get the poor cat out.
Luckily he called me right after calling 911 to which I answered the phone by saying Meoow. It was at that moment he realized I had something to do with this. Thankfully a quick return call to 911 and they were able to avoid rolling a truck.
People, be careful with using these, or at least be there when the action is happening so you can prevent an over reaction.
Yes, we did have a good laugh afterwards, but wow, I sure didn't foresee this reaction.


These cards do not disappoint! We bought the screaming Happy birthday and the endless fart cards and they are legit the funniest cards I've ever been able to give. The people that received the cards loved them, and will be purchasing their own for people they know.

Love it

I received one of these for Christmas and immediately Bought 4 to share the wealth of the experience

Best ever trick

Loved it set it off in the office of a colleague of mine and it was not only a distraction but a great laugh

Soooo funny!

Best card ever

My friend opened it in her car, glitter everywhere 😂
Love the cards!

Waiting to send them

Anxiously waiting to send these chanting kitties to 5 innocent, unsuspecting friends!

Birthday Hilarity

My coworker’s 50th birthday wasn’t complete without this card! She couldn’t believe the card wouldn’t stop! She was thinking it was broken. She ended up putting it in the lounge refrigerator, but you could still hear it! When another coworker told her to pull the tab… she was surprised by the confetti! I couldn’t have asked for a better card!


I got this for my bestie knowing it would drive her crazy for at least 3 hours, but it lasted 6!!! She said she liked it at first, maybe it would get her some alone time but that only lasted around 30 minutes before she started to go crazy! after about an hour she ripped it open and was glittered hehehehehehe

Great card

I know nobody usually wants to hear that their product is annoying but this card was and in a great way! My kid decided to try and rip the battery out when he couldn’t get the card to stop playing and that’s when the fun began, the glitter inside the card is a great touch