Endless Birthday With Glitter

Plays Happy Birthday non-stop for hours until the battery dies. Safe to sign! Pull the tab to activate. 

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Customer Reviews

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Recordable card didn’t not record. Just buzzed.

The only sound that came out when the button was pushed was an annoying buzz. I followed the instructions to the letter. So either the instructions are missing something or my card was defective. It was a great disappointment.

Can't wait

Can't wait to watch my sister get covered in glitter.


The idea was great. But, when I pulled the tab some of it stayed behind. So it didn’t continue playing. I had to take the card back rip it open and then pull off the rest of the tab. Kinda ruined the surprise.

Hi Dana, Sorry about that. Unfortunately things happen but we try to fix them as easily as possible. Can you send a new card (any occasion) or a refund? Joker Greeting

I gave this to a co-worker with her baby shower gift. It drove her crazy! Can't wait to buy other ones because the look on their faces when it didn't stop playing was PRICELESS. Can't get enough!

Birthday gold

I wrote on the envelope “open when you get home” so I didn’t have to hear it. He assumed it was a deep heartfelt sentiment. Well, he read the card while on the toilet. Lol. Got so frustrated with the music ripped it open and glitter went all over his manhood and underwear. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and story. We now call him glitterballs!

This is probably now in the top 3 responses I have heard. It's just amazing. I love the new nickname.