Joker Rubber Chicken

The Joker Rubber Chicken was inspired after a personal experience of hearing a dog play with a rubber chicken nearby in a park and it's incessant squeaking! The dog was having a great time yet I wasn't. Here you go, the Joker Rubber Chicken! 

This device plays 5 different Rubber Chicken noises, intermittently, for over 8 hours. It has an adhesive on back so it can stick nearly anywhere. Just remove the tab, press play, annoy and enjoy! 

Check out the video sample here!!!


Customer Reviews

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Great fun tormenting THAT coworker!

Put 1 between 2 filing cabinets and let everyone else in on it. Every time she asked if we "heard that" we would deny it, and act more annoyed. She stayed late to "finish something up". I guess we'll see if all the cabinets are still there Monday!

Never Ending Joker Meow

Got the Joker Meow to hide behind my co-worker's bookshelf in her office. Wasn't sure if it was working as her office is located on the other side of the building. About 5 hours into our shift, she summoned me to her office. When I arrived, there were a bunch of women waiting and glaring. Turns out it could also be heard in the neighboring offices. Needless to say, not only did it work but they ALL spent a good portion of their day kicking in the bushes outside of the window searching for the noisy cat! Once they realized it may be a prank, they accused each other for making the noise via Bluetooth somehow. Then when it was finally found, BAM! Glitter everywhere! The glitter definitely gave me away and I was caught! Good times, I love my job and I love my co-workers...even though they may not agree.


Joker Meow (Presale: Ships Nov 26)


I Use these at two different parties. First party was highly effective it lasted 14 hours and the card was never found.The second card was also effective only took three hours to fine but drove the dogs nuts plus the glitter was a icing on the cake!


Hotel rooms are an amazing spot to put these!!