Let’s face it: cats are amazing, but not all the time. 

Even people who love cats don’t wanna hear them meow all day (or night) with no end in sight. My cat, Bruce, has the cutest meow. It’s so squeaky and adorable. But if I had to endure his cries for eight hours, I’d be like, “Bruce! Shut your face!” (before lovingly petting him). I placed a Joker Meow adhesive in my attic to see how loud it would get. It was insanely irritating, and even my furry friend hated it. He rose from his catnap and immediately started howling at the ceiling in disgust. Bruce was angry, confused, slightly terrified, and wide awake for the rest of the night, as I slept peacefully, listening to a book on tape. That’ll teach him to bite my hand next time I give him a treat. 

Cats are great, but not everyone likes them.

We all have that friend who hates our feline companions. This is for them. Imagine the damage this sticker could do to the human in your life named Bruce. The person you prank can’t just tell a nearby cat to shut it. If they do, they’ll be standing in a room talking to themselves, looking like a crazy person. Nothing can stop the wailing of the kittens. If you’re clever enough, they won’t even be able to find it. It will be the longest, most annoying game of cat and mouse ever designed. If the prankee does discover your hiding spot and responds with rage, they’ll receive a lap full of glitter the second they rip it apart. That’s what makes the Joker Meow + Glitter so wonderful. Everyone knows that glitter is even more disgusting and harder to get off your clothing than used kitty litter.  

Is your greatest frenemy a dog owner? 

Even better! There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a dog all riled up, running around the home looking for a kitten that doesn’t exist. There’s a good chance the pup will pee on the carpet, and the owner will be like, “Damn, now I gotta go buy new carpet!” Even after your adversary soaks up all the urine, he and the dog will be wondering, “Where is that darn cat?” The joke’s on you buddy, there is no cat! 

No kitties were harmed during the making of this product. However, many friendships and relationships may be damaged or sacrificed as a result. The Joker Meow is a cheaper alternative to owning a pet (or forcing a pet on someone who has no interest in one). It is also stealthy and safe to stick in small places, just like a real cat. Meowwwwww!

Written by Alan Ritch

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