No, Thank You!

Thank you for being a friend! 

I am sorry to say that we do not have a Thanksgiving card! Well, nothing specific to Thanksgiving...I know. Shame! Shame! Shame on us! But, we do have an Endless Thank You card! An Endless Thank You card that sings "Thank you for being a friend" non-stop for 3-6 hours. I'm not sure what else you really need then, right? 

 Our Endless Thank You card sings 3 to 6 hours non-stop with no off switch. Yep, this song will keep looping, and looping, and looping until the battery dies or you break it! 

Check em out at

And if you want use to ship the card for you to your friend

We can even send these cards directly to your friend as we activate the card and write in it for you. Just visit our other site

Written by Natalie Oliver

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