We have all been there looking over the massive wall of greeting cards. We know we must send a card but which one. In the end we are all seeking a card that gets us more attention (admit it...you selfishly buy cards so they know it's you). Getting a laugh is by far the most desired effect and at Joker Greeting we are thrilled to offer a truly unique card that your friend cannot ignore or forget who sent the "damn card that won't stop" (customer's words, not mine). 

Long after your friend has opened their presents for their birthday or baby shower or christmas our cards will continue to sing to them for 3-6 hours until the battery dies. Most of the time they do not want to destroy the card because they have this sentimental love towards the sender but then they have to listen to the card for hours and hours. It often results in fantastic text message conversations that you only get with the best of gifts. 


It's been almost five years running Joker Greeting and I continue to get a lot of positive reviews from customers and it never gets old. Not for me. We have a variety of cards now for most holidays and I know as we expand into Halloween and Anniversary we will continue to deliver great results and hear back from many customers. 

Look, your friend or mom or dad or sibling or enemy deserves a great greeting card. And you will definitely get a response and a text message appreciating, or at least commenting, on the card you sent them. They can't ignore it or miss it or forget that you sent them a gift that made their day a little more funny. And you deserve to feel that selfish pride of being their best friend or best brother or best sister or best child or best parent. Stop searching the shelves for the best greeting card, it's right here at Joker Greeting. Give us a try. We do offer money back if it is a defect so there isn't much to lose. 




Written by Travis Peterson

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