Happy Valtentine's day! Yep, we all need to do it. Give the gift they won't forget. 

The Endless Valentines Day Card is the best way to show how your love never ends. Our cards are designed to enhance the mood and keep that mood for well over three hours or until the battery dies. And we even added a nice surprise (glitter!) when that mood has gone on for too long!

Top 5 Things to Write in a Valentines Day Card (With Love)

  1. I love you! Now rip this card apart like you'll rip my clothes off! (because there is glitter inside!)
  2. Roses are red, violets are not blue, my love for you is real, not fake like that stupid violet!
  3. This music puts me in the mood, how about you? 
  4. Despite what my friends and family say, I still love you. 
  5. If you break this card, you break my heart! (So they let it play until the end!)

Top 5 Things to Write in a Valentines Day Card (To an Ex)

  1. It's been fun but not as fun as this...
  2. I love you as long as this card lasts! 
  3. You enjoy pushing buttons...now push this one. 
  4. If you break this card you break my heart! (If it's an EX make sure they get glitter all over him/her). 
  5. This card reminded me of you, cute but annoying. 

Endless Valentine's Cards


(This is an Not Safe For Work Adult-only card)


Written by Natalie Oliver

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