Stumped on what you can write in a Mother’s Day Card? We Figured we could try and help a little bit with a Top Ten list of the things you can write in a Joker Greeting card.

1. Do you still love me?
2. How did you ever have another child? Thanks for doing that!
3. You are the mother I could never be.
4. ah….memories.
5. I don’t think I have changed that much.
6. This is why mothers are stronger than fathers.
7. This only lasts a few hours…not a few years
8. Cries of joy
9. Feel free to punch this card as much as you like
10. Just like a real baby there is no return to sender. Enjoy!

I’m sure you will be fine. Your mom will love the card even if you just sign your name.

Click here to buy a Mother’s Day Card. We make prank Mother’s Day card where a baby cries non-stop when you press play. Enjoy!

How did were come up with the idea of Joker Mother’s Day Card? Check out the backstory here!

Joker Greeting makes prank greeting cards that play non-stop and have confetti inside the card when broken
Written by Travis Peterson

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