My high school math teacher taught me that a great prank is one that doesn't do permanent damage but surprises and causes disruption to daily routine. The Joker Cricket is a great office prank and we have expanded the line as well. 

What is the Joker Cricket? 

A super simple device that has an adhesive on back and a button to activate it. Just pull a tab and it will play random cricket noises for over 8 hours (we have reports of 20 hours) and just wait for your co-worker or boss or mom to attempt to find the Joker Cricket. You can even leave a message on the Joker Cricket to say who left it or a "Happy Birthday" if you want. 

Here, look at this boyfriend trying to find a cricket in his closet. 

Joker Meow and Joker Toot

Most products seem obvious after they are made. The Joker Meow wasn't my first idea but when I tested this in an open environment it was clear this would be a winner. Cat noises are unmistakable and known to get into weird places like vents or offices. This is a great office prank as no one can just let a cat cry for help and do nothing. 

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And the Joker Toot just seems too obvious to ignore. Classic human betrayal but leaving on a plane that is sure to cause many to wonder who is having such a problem during a flight. And you can laugh about it all the way home and into the following year making memories. This does play random fart noises at random intervals. 

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We can't list out every single way to use these amazing hide and seek office pranks but as they all stick to nearly any surface, on fans, under toilets, under chairs and tables, we have tried to give you options to laugh at and with people but not do any crazy damage. 

Have some fun and check out Joker Cricket by Joker Greeting and let us know what you think! 

Joker Greeting

Written by Travis Peterson

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