Joker Greeting makes musical greeting cards that loop non-stop with no off switch. These cards will play for over 3 hours with no off switch. It's fun and funny. And I think anyone who has ever received a musical card in their life will understand the joke. 


Today we are re-launching the improved Joker Greeting Endless Congratulations card with glitter. Funny greeting cards are seriously hard to come by because most cards are just not funny. Cats, dogs, old people, muscular men, etc are interesting ideas but were funny 20 years ago. And musical cards are simply annoying. Which is exactly why we decided to make musical greeting cards play non-stop; because it's ironic and funny. 

We actually recorded our own congratulations song that you can listen to a snippet above. It's pretty basic and simple and should sound a little bit appealing at first then by the 40x you hear it the song should be stuck in your head and by 400x you should be close to breaking. 


We decided to go with the funny looking unicorn greeting card. I've never seen a unicorn contest but I am sure it would be amazing to watch and see if it's about beauty, or weight (before slaughter for meat), how much magic they wield, or just how lovable they can be and make their star power shine. Whether your friend landed a new job, or quite a job, or got a promotion, or bought a new house this card should welcome them and let them know you care. 


And be sure that if your friend gets tired of the card or the love you give them with this congratulations card going over and over and tries to break the card there is glitter inside ready to cause a second problem and make a mess all over their new home carpet. 




Joker Greeting

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Written by Travis Peterson

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