Top Ten Things To Write in a Joker Mother’s Day Card

Travis Peterson 2 comments

Stumped on what you can write in a Mother’s Day Card? We Figured we could try and help a little bit with a Top Ten list of the things you can write in a Joker Greeting card. 1. Do you still love me?2. How did you ever have another child? Thanks for doing that!3. You are the mother I could never be.4. ah….memories.5. I don’t think I have changed that much.6. This is why mothers are stronger than fathers. 7. This only lasts a few hours…not a few years8. Cries of joy9. Feel free to punch this card as much...

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Funny Mother’s Day Greeting Cards

Travis Peterson 4 comments

Happy Mother's Day - Press Play Start's Baby Crying Non-stop At Joker Greeting we try to make funny prank greeting cards. However, pranking mom on Mother’s Day is a dangerous line. Sure, you may hate your mom but you still can’t be mean to her on this day as she will remember it next Christmas. How did we design a prank Mother’s Day card and not get in trouble? We decided to pull on her nostalgic humor and point the blame at us. We designed a Mother’s Day greeting card that says, “I will always be your sweet little baby,”...

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