Dear Jokers

New! New! New!

We are excited to talk about our new Joker Greeting cards. Our cards do not stop until you break them or the battery stops. And now we have more awesome cards. Let's check 'em out. 


1. Birthday Screamer - Every 90 seconds the card screams. Yes. Press play and nothing happens...then 90 seconds later (which feels like forever and forgotten) it will scream. And then 90 seconds later it will scream. Non-stop for hours. 


2. Birthday Recordable Birthday Cards - Make your own annoying sound, record your own song, or do what you want and let that noise loop non-stop for hours. 

Happy Birthday Recordable

3. Christmas Cards with tree shaped Glitter  - This card plays Christmas music non-stop for hours and hours, until the battery dies. And when it is broken it will spill tree-shaped glitter. 

Christmas with Glitter

4. Recordable Christmas card with Tree Shaped Confetti - Maybe you want to sing them a non-christmas song. Or some other annoying sound. Record it and let the card play the loop non-stop, until the battery dies. 

Christmas Recordable

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