Valentine's Day or the holidays known as "Really, didn't Christmas just happen!?" It's the day some love to love, some hate to love, and some love to hate. Regardless of your feelings, for couples, it's a necessity to long-lasting relationships and so Joker Greeting's is here to help with a Joker Valentine's card that never stops playing music; until the battery dies hours later or if they actually rip it in half. What better way to say I love you than with a prank card to remember forever. 

As a way to jump start your message in the card; below are ten things you can write in your Joker Valentine's Day greeting card. Enjoy!

1. Rose are great, Flower are fine. But I know you, so let's have a bottle of wine.

2. I love you more than wings, beer, and a good game. And thankfully I'll won't have to prove that since Valentine's Day is after football season. 


3. Roses are cliche, Violets aren't even blue, they're usually more purple or red. I'm overthinking this Valentine's Day poem, but hopefully this still gets me into your bed. 

4. My love for you is like The Cloud: vast, ever-present, and full of private, personal information that will inevitably be made public someday. 

5. On Valentine's Day, I'll do anything for you... Except join Cross-Fit. 

6. Our relationship is like a video game: we give it all our time and money, we don't always know how to get to the next level, and our parents don't understand it. But you'll always be the Player One to my Player Two! 

7. We may not be dating, and you might not even know who I am, but I've looked at every picture of you on Instagram! Happy Valentine's Day!

 8. We met on an app, but our love is a five-star entree. Let's have some dessert! 

 9. Happy Valentines Day to the person I text the most (other than my mom, who texts me way more, but I don't answer as often)

 10. Does this Valentine's Day card makeup for my Christmas non-present?

Happy Prank Valentine's Day! 

Joker Greeting

Written by Travis Peterson

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