Some Old Cards Are Back And A New Card Is Debuted! 

Joker Greeting is a small business and small businesses must make very difficult decisions and sometimes we have to make decision between two good things and decide what is more important right now. For 12 months I had to delay some cards and ideas like St Patricks Day, I'm Sorry Card, and Macarena. I can't make everything! But luckily, we are still around and able to expand our product line. 

Re-introduced I'm Sorry Card: Sometimes you just need to say "I'm Sorry 10,000 times but you don't really have the time or effort to do it we made a card that does it for you. "Im sorry, so sorry" will be sung non-stop for hours and hours. 

Re-introduced Endless Macarena Card: Yes, one of the most annoying songs that will play non-stop on loop for hours. And now....if they try to stop it and rip out the batteries we added confetti glitter inside the card. Enjoy! 

Brand NEW! St Patricks Card! Not a huge holiday but do you really need a great excuse to annoy a friend with this beauty! It's terribly annoying and super funny! They will be ripping into this one in no time to find that glittery mess. 


Have fun with these! I will be making updated videos soon to show them off. These are all exclusively sold by Joker Greeting until someone like Hallmark buys me to bring them to the masses. :) 

Joker Greeting

Written by Travis Peterson

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