I'm Sorry, So Sorry

A greeting card that plays "Im Sorry" non-stop for hours is a bit much, right? No, not right, it's perfect. Not only is it never too late to say "I'm Sorry" you also can't say it too often and too much! 

Joker Greeting makes musical cards that play with no off-switch and last over three hours. These are farcical and funny and deliberately funny to defuse a cold room or heat it up; depending on your intention and what you write inside. 

Check out the video! 

What to write in an "Im Sorry" card

1. I'm sorry, so sorry, let me count the ways

2. Only this card could express how I truly feel...feel free to rip me apart if you hate me (That way they get glittered!)

3. If only I could express how I feel about last week. 

4. I'm not that sorry but I felt I should say sorry so I decided this was enough. 

5. Look deep into those cat's eyes while listening to this song and know my deep regret...and look into his eyes until the song stops. Then you will know how I truly feel. 

Have fun with it! It's just a funny card that could truly be sent anytime and to anyone. 


Joker Greeting


Written by Travis Peterson

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