Even if you hate Trump with the passion of Zeus with a fistful of lightning...there is no denying we must thank him for some great moments during this campaign. Let's think about it. Sending Trump a Thank you card with the golden girl music would be amazing....

1. For an amazing cheer. And I truly hope Trump choreographed this and wrote the music. Bonus, Trump loves electronic music. 

2. For showing us that anyone truly can be president. Not presidential but certain a president. We say it all the time but he has proven it. 

3. Thank Donald Trump for one of the best Google Image searches for trump illustration. It's SFW and amazing how many illustrations he has inspired. Who knows, maybe even you become inspired!

Do you really have any reason to send Hillary a Thank You card? I don't think so. All we get is the same story about emails and how she must fight off Bernie. Should we send Bernie Sanders a Thank You card? perhaps, but I would prefer an "I'm sorry" card. Maybe next time. 

Party on and enjoy the show, 



Written by Travis Peterson

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