Yes, we finally launched a new product line. No more batterie, just a mess of memories. I think I started to work on these late last year. So far I have never had an idea just poof into my head but it does have a thread from another product. This came to me during creation of Cricket and I had no idea it would really work. 

But once i got my initial prototypes I knew I was already fairly close. The funny thing wasn't ready yet. I had to make some changes to the design because it needed to work seamlessly. Pranking friends and family matters to me and I do not want them tipped off by crappy engineering. Once they will see. Simple is hard and this is dead simple.

Messy Cards are available now on Kickstarter and only Kickstarter 

Cards can be relatively cheap to produce. However, we need to meet minimums and pay for some engineering works and art work and legal and it adds up to a large sum to get started. This is why Kickstarter is so helpful. We don't make easy things or copy other ideas. These are brand new and designed by Joker Greeting. 

You can see our Messy Card Kickstarter page

Seven Designs 

We have seven amazing designs. Some have text inside beneath the confetti pack and some are blank. But we try to match confetti to the occasion. So Christmas cards will have Confetti Trees. And Baby Announcement cards will have Baby Confetti Pink or Blue. And of course, some need the confetti-glitter we use already (we use confetti that is clean-upable). 

Messy Cards by Joker Greeting

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Written by Travis Peterson

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