Dear Jokers

Top Ten Things to Write in Father's Day Card

We all knew it was going to happen, Happy Father's Day card play non-stop fart sounds and lasts 3+ hours. This was was a lot of fun to create. But what to write?! Let me see if I can help:

  1. Happy Farter's Day (too easy). 
  2. Your presence is well known too well. 
  3. Atom Bomb, Fire Bomb, Dad Bomb. 
  4. You show your love in the strangest of ways. 
  5. Febreeze is happy you are around. 
  6. Even Poo-Pouri can't hide your smells. 
  7. And yet...I still love you. 
  8. I learned from the best. 
  9. Even this card doesn't do you justice.
  10. This is why I left for College ASAP.
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Video makes prank greeting cards

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