Okay, you helped (or didn’t help, who am I to judge?) your child get through school. It is a great achievement and you certainly want to let them know how much you really care. Joker Congratulations is the perfect way to tell them again, and again, and again. Non-stop for hours how proud you are.

Joker Congrats Card Plays a fantastic Congrats Song non-stop for hours; no off switch. 

Joker Congratulations Cards plays music non-stop for 3+ hours when you press play. Don’t worry, you can safely write your name inside before giving to them. Though I do suggest you wait for them to leave your presence. Or leave it in their car or next to their bed if you can.

In fact, for those who really want to prank their kids we offer a Congrats card that has confetti inside the card when they rip it up. I mean, not everyone enjoys the same song on repeat for hours and hours (those people are not my friends).

Yes, Confetti When It is Ripped Open (Select Versions)

*oh, if they press the play button a second time to try and stop it…it gets a little bit louder. Because we had to. Joker Greeting Cards make the funny graduation cards and other fantastic novelty cards for your enjoyment! 

Written by Travis Peterson

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