The Evolution of Greeting Cards Just Took a Major Detour

I think it was the Chinese who first came up with the idea of giving cards to celebrate New Year … or maybe it was the Ancient Egyptians. Whoever it was, I bet they never thought a simple folded piece of paper would catch on in the way it has.

Joker Greeting; Funny Musical Cards That Don't Stop

Millions of greeting cards change hands every year. In fact, some might say that the sheer number of cards being sent and received these days lessens their impact. Have you heard of "greeting card white noise" yet? Probably not, because I just made it up. But you get the idea: Because you get so many cards every year, the meaning of each one is lost.

The big greeting card companies have obviously known about this problem for some time. They've tried everything, including 3D pop-ups and music. But even these gimmicks seem to have had their day. They're cute, but they don't get people belly laughing.

A New Kind of Greeting Card

What if you could send a prank greeting card that would never be forgotten? I'm not just talking about something with a funny picture or an entertaining poem, I'm talking about a greeting card that will have both the recipient and their friends rolling around in laughter


I've taken the basic concept of the funny greeting card and brought it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. By playing a gentle prank on your friends and family, you can make sure that the next greeting card you give will never be forgotten.

I recently noticed that, in their attempts to make greetings cards more interesting, manufacturers were using incredibly annoying jingles. Yes, these cards raise a brief smile, but they're usually banished to a shelf or table within seconds. So I thought to myself: What if that annoying music didn't just gently fade away when the card was closed?

The thought of my friends trying desperately to stop the most irritating music known to humankind made me laugh out loud. No one would want to just throw a birthday card out then and there, right? Instead, they'd try everything to shut that damn thing up -- including opening and closing it, turning it upside down and even immersing it in water.

I thought it would be hilarious if there was a card that simply refused to shut up -- so I designed one. In fact, I designed quite a few. The greeting cards I make look like any other at first glance. But once they're opened, they play celebratory messages and jingles on a loop, even after being soaked.

Celebratory Greeting Card Grenades and Bombs for Every Occasion

Whenever I send one of these cards to a customer, I can't help laughing when I think of the recipient becoming increasingly irate -- and desperate to make the noise stop. Some versions also contain glitter, which spills out onto the floor if the recipient gets desperate andtries to rip the card to pieces.

One of my particular favorites is the card to celebrate a new baby. The moment it is opened, the screams of a newborn pierce the ears of the recipient and anyone who happens to be standing in the vicinity. This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving. When you receive your prank greeting card, it comes with a tab that keeps it in safe mode. You can turn the music on and off as normal when this tab is in place. Simply write your message, and then "activate" the card by removing the tab. Think of it as a kind of celebratory grenade.

I'd like to think I've reinvented greeting cards for the 21st century by making them more fun. But don't take my word for it -- try one out foryourself.

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The New Funny Card

Written by Travis Peterson

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