Joker Buzz - Buzzes for 8 hours

The Buzz Buzz by Joker Greeting

Random Cell Phone Vibrations for over 8 hours. Stick almost anywhere with adhesive on back. 


Buzz Buzz In Action

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Joker Cricket

100% Customer Satisfaction EVERY. TIME.

By this point, I have now bought several products from Joker Greeting--a few of the birthday cards as well as the NSFW card and the thank you greeting. With the Cricket, I was, once again, entirely satisfied with the product and thoroughly entertained. April Fools fell on Easter Sunday this year, so naturally I took the opportunity to introduce some mischief into the occasion. My parents hosted our family's dinner, which we held in our dining room (open to the living room where we have a piano about five feet away from the dining room table). I hid the Cricket card in the piano bench right before dinner and then spent the next hour and a half trying not to break face as periodically someone would ask, "Okay, seriously, is there a cricket in here or is that someone's phone??" I actually had to get out my phone and prove that it wasn't my text tone. The fact that the cricket chirps came at an irregular cadence was just a brilliant touch.
My siblings eventually figured it out, but my parents didn't find the card until the next morning! 100% worth every penny. I cannot say enough about this company and the products. You're looking at a life-long customer here for sure! :)

Too quiet.

11 days after April Fool's day I had to go into my boss's office to show him the prank I had hidden nearly two weeks earlier. The funny thing was, the batteries were still good. The thing was so quiet we could hardly hear it on his desk. It was a great idea though.


Joker Cricket

Best thing ever

Co worker couldn’t find it under their chair. Lasted much longer than 8 hours. More like 2 days!!!