Endless Thank You with Glitter (Sold out)

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Loops Golden Girls "Thank you for being a friend" non-stop.  

Preview Song - Yes, This Song Loops Non-stop and Confetti Glitter Inside when Broken. 


 Durability Tested

Works in Water from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.



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 Golden Girls Song

Customer Reviews

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Endless Baby Shower: Baby Cry With Glitter

Song is still playing after 8 hours

I gave the card to my hubby positive that after 30 minutes or so he would tear into it to disconnect the battery. The joke is on me; he loves it!! He even took it outside with him when he went to work in his shop so he could listen to it.

Farting card

Everyone loved it from our son turning 40 who has always been able to fart on cue to our 3 1/2 year old grandson who is fascinated by farts - it was still farting the next morning - they didn't try to tear it apart

Didnt even work!!

I had send this card to a friend out of state and even put in a cube-shaped box to be delivered without the song to go off. As I waited for a reply from said friend. I asked how he liked the card, "cute card". I asked did it play music, he said no. Complete dud... most expensive card I have ever bought to be a dud.

Hi Megan, Sorry about that. We can definitely send a refund. Any chance you were able to test the card before you sent it? As it is safe to press play and check. We try to fix any defects before they are sent out and try and get everyone to test them. This also helps me catalog problems. We can also offer a free card for another occasion or we can send them a card for you (we have one that doesn't have a button now) and they will definitely open it and it will play. I can show you link to this card before it goes out. Again, sorry about this. Electronics are fickle but we try to fix problems as best as we can Joker Greeting

I love these cards and I am having such fun with them !