Endless Thank You with Glitter


Loops Golden Girls "Thank you for being a friend" non-stop. 


Preview Song - Yes, This Song Loops Non-stop and Confetti Glitter Inside when Broken. 


 Durability Tested

Works in Water from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.



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 Golden Girls Song

Customer Reviews

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Best card ever!! I will buy more for sure!!

Great gag card

The down side is my 69 year old Father just put it in the garage because it wouldn’t quit

The greeting that keep giving, and giving, and giving.....

I bought this card two years ago for my dearest friend, who lives across the country from me, and it had the desired results! She was doing everything she could to make it be quiet, all to no avail! Finally, she put it in the freezer, to let it run itself out. (She didn't destroy it, because she likes to save her cards,). We had a good laugh, and that was that. Fast forward to this year, and she was putting away the one I just sent her, and she saw this one. She opened it to re-read it, iand it started playing again! I don't know if putting it in the freezer did something to it, but I couldn't have planned it better! She listened to it for "way too long" (lol) and tried hiding it under the newspaper recycling, (didn't work!) and, in frustration, took a pair of scissors to it! Glitter everywhere! Perfection! (Insert evil laugh!)

Wrong Card

I bought a Birthday Card but was sent a Thank You instead. The glitter was also out of the card. I love the idea of this and mistakes happen but I was a little disappointed. Will try again.

Hi Kaitlin, Per the order confirmation I see that the card you ordered was the Thank You card. I'm not sure if you were looking at a few cards but that was the one that made it to checkout. As for the glitter issues; please send me a photo to show if there is a defect. Regardless we are here to help and fix any problems.

Endless Birthday with Glitter