Joker Rubber Chicken

The Joker Rubber Chicken was inspired after a personal experience of hearing a dog play with a rubber chicken nearby in a park and it's incessant squeaking! The dog was having a great time yet I wasn't. Here you go, the Joker Rubber Chicken! 

This device plays 5 different Rubber Chicken noises, intermittently, for over 8 hours. It has an adhesive on back so it can stick nearly anywhere. Just remove the tab, press play, annoy and enjoy! 

Check out the video sample here!!!


Customer Reviews

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The card was good but

The card was good but my husband failed to execute the joke properly.
Can I have a refund [on the husband]?

Haha. Well, if you get a refund on your husband than my wife would ask for a refund on me...and then I have no where to sleep and this just becomes an issue. Sorry, you gotta stick it out, for joker greeting's sake.
Worked great

Very happy with the cards.

Too quiet

You could barely hear the cricket so no one noticed. Great idea but bummed it didn’t really work.

It did not work

It did not work

Endless fun - watch people lose their mind right in front of you

I was pranked with this card at my house a few months ago and I almost started tearing apart my wall to find the lost kitty cat. Finally the next day I found the card taped under a lamp. So I've been pranking other people now with the same card. I recently put it in a friends office up in the drop tile ceiling and he went crazy all day looking for the lost cat. I even made fake "lost cat" posters and put one by the bathrooms to drive this home. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN. Please get more in stock so I can drive more people crazy!