Hi, I am founder of joker greeting and I make prank "musical" greeting cards that play but never stop. And that's the point. 

We make two prank Valentine's Day cards. One even has glitter hearts inside when it's broken; after they go mad. And I've got a list of top ten things to write in a prank Valentine's Day card. 



1.  My love for you lasts like my card. 

2.  Don't break my heart. But please break my card. (Remember, glitter inside!)

3.  Love, love is good for your heart, the more you give the more you...tart! 

4.  This picture of candy is the new health trend with zero calories.  Love you. 

5.  This card saves our relationship, right? 

6.  I know we broke up...but this card should help you realize my true feelings. 

7.  Make America love again. 

8.  Yes. This song never stops. Neither does my love. 

9.  For help, call me. 

10.  My sweet tooth for you is never satisfied. 



This is what happens when it is broken.  

Enjoy your Valentine's Day. Enjoy your 2017! 





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Written by Travis Peterson

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