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My Funny Valentine

# My Funny Valentine

It happens very year; Valentine's Day. It's the only holiday I enjoy less than New Years (it is debatable). The pressure is high and we already spent our best idea with Christmas. While marriage has taken the sting out of being single I still feel obligated, and challenged, to make Valentine's Day as special as expected.

"Comedy never faileth"

Luckily, comedy never faileth. You can quote me on that. You can also trust in Joker Greeting to lead you on the right path towards love and affection: whether you have a new friend or a long-time companion. Cupid's stupid arrow pales in comparison to comedy.

We have two amazingly funny Valentine's Day cards. I'm torn on which I prefer more. Let me introduce each of them.

Valentine's Day with Glitter - Plays V-Day song

This card plays a Valentine's Day song non-stop once you press play. Some guy crooning about "be my valentine!" On loop for 3* hours.

Break card to stop music. Heart-shaped confetti inside.

Non-confetti Valentine's Day card - plays kissing noises

This beautifully funny Valentine's Day card plays kissing noises. Over and over and over. Funny. Innocent. Adorable. Just right.

In 2017 you can approach Valentine's Day with love or you can approach Valentine's with a little bit of comedy. I'm sure you have tried the former time and again...join us and let's try the latter. 

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