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February 13, 2017








One customer put his card in the "shredder bin" that is meant to be shredded later. Those bins have locks so no one can dig stuff out. People got smart and put it on a dolly. 


Written by Travis Peterson


I lit one off in our company dispatchers office on a Friday and waited. Nothing. No sign of any irritation. No questions. No comments. Zero. Thought it was defective. So the following Wednesday, I popped another one in his office. He was furious and made a huge scene. Started interviewing employees one after the other. Accused everyone around him of pranking him. When he called me into his office, a little probing let the kitty out of the bag.
Last Friday it drove him nuts, but he didn’t say anything and couldn’t find it.
Today, he tore enough of his office up to find the second one placed in his office.
He’s still interviewing people…
Hehe haheah eeh hea eh ah he ah eh aeh eh ahe
Thank you for the best joke ever!!!

Prankster on Mar 08, 2017

I bought 2 of the cards for my Mom in Spain. So she wouldn’t destroy it, I glued a picture of my kids inside. She liked it, but said it wouldn’t stop playing. I told her to push the button a few times, but of course, that only made it louder. She got a kick out of it, my brother, however, was annoyed pretty quickly. After an hour he cut the cord to it. Money well spent!!

Diana Morrison on Nov 30, 2016

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