Great pranks last forever

Novelty pranks and unique gifts are a staple of human society. And thousands of prank gifts are created every year and only a few live to define a standard. We all know the great whoopee cushion and the candles that you can never blow out. Two fantastic pranks that never get old. I am working to make Joker Greeting cards the staple prank greeting card for friends and family. 

My goal is to be the new Whoopee

I am the founder of Joker Greeting, the best prank musical greetings cards, and my goal is to make the Joker Greeting card a social standard among pranks. But how did the great whoopee become such an iconic standard? The story goes that it in 1920 a Canadian firm JEM Rubber Co. and they approached a well known manufacturer of prank objects who said it was "too crude" to be a success. So JEM Rubber Co. made it themselves and the rest is history. Copycats tried to follow suit but the brand "Whoopee" has dominated ever since. 

Flatulence + Joker Greeting

Flatulence is always funny. Funny greeting cards are always needed too. Soon we will be revealing our mixture of both, a funny musical greeting card that has fart noises. Will be ever knock the Whoopee cushion off their Iron Throne or Flatulent throne? It may take some time. My goal may be strange but at least I now have a goal. So stay tuned. 


Travis / co-founder /, the best prank musical greeting cards

Written by Travis Peterson

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