New Motto (for today)

funny greeting card birthday

Birthdays and babies, our new motto. 

So we make the best prank birthday cards and the best prank greeting cards. My brother and I created the idea together. And the other day we talked about how long this company could last. We had the sudden realization that as long as there are birthdays and babies we will sell cards. 

Funny birthday cards are the best birthday cards. And I don't think we will ever stop celebrating the year of birth. I mean the idea is always weird but we do it. We have a song that we all agreed is the birthday song. We can't even agree as a society that the metric system is the best or that we actually landed on the moon. But we have all agreed to the birthday song. What an accomplishment. 

Will babies go away? They could slow  down. So maybe we would need to make fewer prank baby shower cards. But for those few who do have babies our baby shower cards will remain. 

Birthdays and babies. Our new motto. At least until I forget this one and something new pops in my head. 

Travis / co-founder

Written by Travis Peterson

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