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How to give prank gifts: Be patient

Prank gifts are not like normal gifts. Prank gifts require patience and staging. I hear a lot of stories about how prank birthday cards are given and received and I have learned a lot over the past year. 

1st rule of Fight not talk about fight club. Pranks are the same. 

Please do not warn them "it's a prank and you can't stop it!" That is like warning someone they have a surprise party waiting at home.



The table party: 

In this scenario make sure you give your prank birthday card as the first. Let them press the button and put the card down. Do not tell them what it does. Let the confusion build and enjoy the ride. 



  • Anytime you can trap someone with a prank greeting card the better.
  • Inside a car.
  • Inside an airplane.
  • Or late at night after they get home. Leave it on their nightstand. 

Write something nice if you, or you kids, write something nice and thoughtful they won't rip it up. This works great. Next time you give a prank greeting card, say how much you love them in many kind words. 

The best pranks are patient pranks.  

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