Endless Macarena With Glitter

Any occasion Thinking Of You card that plays the Macarena song non-stop! And glitter is inside when broken. 


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Customer Reviews

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All is Perfect BUT no glitter? Where is the glitter (in between the sheets in the card)

All is Perfect BUT no glitter? Where is the glitter (in between the sheets in the card)

Hi Robert, I am trying to be a nice as I can by saying the name of the product explains why you can't find any glitter...this product does not have glitter, hence the 'no glitter'. Not everyone wants it.
What a wonderful card

One went to a friend whose partner almost had a breakdown trying to stop the music. The friend loved it.
The other one was trying to save the battery to use for a phone greeting. When the glitter pop out he was so excited he use the glitter as eyeshadow.
The next one goes out 5-4. I can't wait. Thank you, thank you. Thank you!


The card was cute. I expected it to be louder and the glitter didn’t necessarily explode, but rather just fell to the floor. Would potentially buy again.

6 Hours and Still Crying

I bought the Mother's Day Card for my mother and sent it to her unsigned so she would also wonder what wonderful child sent her this magical gift. It was everything I hoped it would be. She pressed the button thinking it was a recorded message from one of us kids, and was instead rewarded with a screeching baby. The crying baby noise continued to get louder with each press of the button. She finally decided to destroy the card and was reward with tons of glitter confetti. The card has been going strong for 6 hours now. She threw it outside in the bushes but we can still hear it. All in all I gibe it a 10/10 😂

Cooperate Office Fun

Bought this for April Fools and everyone got a kick out of it. Cricket Card was awesome but wish the Congratulation Card was louder