Endless Christmas with Glitter

Christmas Song Plays Non-stop! Break it and glitter comes out! Pretty simple but fun!

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Video Time! 

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Customer Reviews

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Didn’t work

Pulled the tab and gave it to my friend. He pushed the button and could not get any song to play.

I gifted to none tearers:(

The card was so fun! Guests loved it and couldn’t believe it kept playing. The people I gifted these cards to are sentimental so they smothered the sound versus tear the card. I finally had to share the secret inside right before we left so she would tear it open and enjoy the glitter to. Was a lot of fun!


The women loved that it made a crying baby sound and when they set it aside to open more gifts and it became “fussier” causing eruptions of laughter to start up again. The crying baby was moved to the other room throughout the party and could still be heard now and then. The only negative about the card was that the receiver would not tear it open because she wanted to keep it. It was special to her and thought it rude to tear it. It did finally stop and she never got to the glitter.

I should have bought more cards

These cards are absolute gold. One has been delivered and will be opened tomorrow (across the country) in a meeting. I cannot tell you HOW EXCITED I AM

Pure fury

Nothing made my heart warmer this holiday season than watching a video of my friend getting irate with this card and dumping the glitter all over himself. Worth the $14 for sure.