Congrats - Glitter

Send Glitter without touching any glitter. We developed a simple and unique glitter pack to hold the glitter in place. Just peel, close, deliver! Designed to be discreet and deliver the glitter popping they deserve!

Please Note: All items arrive packaged

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Customer Reviews

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Great cards!

Exploded Glitter

I received my package in one of those bubble wrap filled envelopes. When I took my cards out of the envelope, I saw that the glitter was all over the place so I didn’t even bother sending it to my friend. Instead of glitter bombing my friend, the cards prematurely glitterbombed me. I was extremely disappointed

Darn Crickets!!!

Not only did my wife get her boss at work, afterwards another worker took Mr. Chirp home and drove her hubby bonkers trying to get that cricket here in cold Alaska. Her poor hubby almost needed a straight jacket lol. BTW she is so evil she videoed the poor guy!
I bought a bunch! Also was a wise backer on kickstarter. As an old fireman I knew a good deal when I saw one! A big thumbs up you guys. Well done!!!

Thank you for the review! And Thanks for being a backer on our Kickstarter!

I was a backer on Kickstarter for this and the one I received was already leaking glitter. They made it right and sent me a new one and it was perfect. Probably just an initial batch quality issue. But the card was hilarious when opened (even though they anticipated it and opened it slowly). Will be buying more.

Tim! Thank you! And yes, I think we hit about 5-7% defects on our first batch. We tried to fill the pouches as much as possible and it caused problems. We have found some other ways to increase confetti in the cards and not break. Travis cofounder