Endless Baby Shower: Baby Cry With Glitter

Press Play and Baby Cries Non-Stop for over three hours (okay, it can last 6 hours!) Warn parents or prepare them! 

Please Note: All items arrive packaged & Ship within 24 Hour

Here is a video!


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Durability Tested. Why not?

Works in Water from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.




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I received a defective card.

I was really excited to get this card for my sister's birthday. We followed the instructions to record our message, and didn't rip the tab off until right before we gave it to her. When she opened it and pushed the button, it started singing what we recorded. It was hilarious and she loved it. But she was able to push on a different spot on the card and it turned the recording off. We were so disappointed, because ours wasn't truly an "endless" card. It should have lasted a lot longer than that, and shouldn't have been able to be turned off, especially for that price. I emailed the company and they did give me a full refund. We may have just gotten a defective card, and I understand that may happen occasionally. But I don't know that we'll be ordering again.

good but...

i didn’t get any tracking info, there was also nothing that said that i had to send it to myself first and take it out of the packaging. everything else was fine.

Hi Morgan, Sorry if there was any miscommunication here. It does look like an email was sent to this address on August 19th at 3:30 PM PT. It is possible it went to spam or trash. And I try y best to inform everyone that these items are shipping in the package. It's on the product page and in the order confirmation I say it again. We can only activate and ship items for you at shipjoker.com as we need to separate these orders. Joker Greeting
Hilarious card. Will definitely be buying another for next occasion

Husband thought he broke the card when it kept screaming. Scared the in-laws. Still finding glitter almost a month later

My boss hated it- It was AWESOME

Sent it to my new boss along with a very annoying box in a box in a box + 3 lbs of glitter... he could not stand the card was the perfect touch!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you want to annoy someone

The gift that keeps on giving

So I gave this card to my dad. He pressed the button and, when the happy birthday song wouldn’t stop, he pressed again and again while the card got louder and louder. My father lives in a 1000 square ft house and the card was so loud he couldn’t sleep with it in the house. The card sat in the mailbox outside for the entire night and was still playing the next morning. Fast forward a year to today - he kept this card for some reason (his fault) and the damn thing started playing AGAIN. And finally, in his last ditch effort, he ripped it. Glitter. EVERYWHERE. This is, hands down, the best purchase I have ever made. I’m already scheming who I can screw with next.