Joker Cricket + Glitter Trap

A more advanced prank. Press Play and Cricket chirps non-stop for 8 to 20 hours. Then if they find it and pull it off the surface has a packet of glitter waiting to be cleaned up. 

We say this is advanced because you can only stick this to one location and you cannot move it after. Choose your location carefully. But the final joke will leave everyone very satisfied. 

A 1 Minute Video Explainer

Customer Reviews

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The only negative is that I couldn’t keep a straight face

I sit in a cubicle outside of the offices of my two bosses. I setup a Buzz in each of their offices and then waited for the magic to begin. One of them was on all fours searching every nook and cranny in his office for the mysterious vibration and was getting visibly frustrated. The other one was placed under the person’s chair so they kept saying that whatever it was kept moving locations. We all had a good laugh about and I am still employed. Will definitely be purchasing these again!


Perfect joke to play on your best friend

Buy more!

I originally ordered two. Needless to say, I should have gotten 10. After a full day of the individual not being able to find the "cricket" I put the card in the freezer. The following week, I put it into place and pressed play. They still haven't found it! So many laughs for the people in on the joke.

Didn't work

This one didn't work. Sadly the sound was barely audible and sounded more like a quack than a toot. Other cards such as vibrating phone sound and cricket are great, but not this one.

Loved it

We had loads of fun and lots of laughs will reorder