Congratulations with Glitter


Joker Congratulations Card with Glitter! Yep, let them vent their frustration and rip the card open to get even more frustrated. Graduation cards or more!

Long Video with song

Here is the song (home brewed and inspired by some bad music we found). 


 We built glitter (confetti glitter) into the card. They will text you "how do I stop this?!" and you kindly suggest they tear it apart. 

 Durability Tested

Works in Water from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.



Every card comes in safe mode where you may press the button and sample the music before sending to recipient. See video below. 




Shipping Info

We work to ship every order within same day. And domestic orders take 3-4 days to arrive.

International shipping

Visit our FAQ page for list international vendors. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great response

My dad and I both couldn't stop laughing after he opened it and the sounds started playing. He kept laughing, even calling me on his way home to tell me it hadn't stopped. He was then upset when the battery died and he couldn't let his friend hear it.

It’s been 12 hours..... it’s still going

I was super excited to purchase this card for my dad because he loves a good practical joke and fart noise. My brother and I have it to him last night around 10pm. He opened it, pressed it and waited for it to stop. Of course, it didn’t. So rather than ripping it open, he stashed it where it couldn’t be heard. I suggested, “maybe if you rip it open and pull the wires out it will stop.” He said he’d rather just wait out the batteries. I was really hoping for some glitter. Well, I woke up this morning to a symphony of farts...... he slipped the card under my bedroom door. It’s been twelve hours and it’s STILL GOING. Now we’ve slipped it into my brother’s room. I wonder how long this will go on. Still hoping someone will rip it open and unleash the glitter. All in all, the card was pretty fun and my dad loved it a lot.


Unfortunately my card didn't function as expected. I went to pull the tab and, without being anywhere near the button, the card began to play. Sad to have ruined what would've been a funny family moment.

Still going 3 hours later

Gave my dad this farting card for Father's Day. It's been 3 hours and it still tooting like crazy. And now our house is covered in glitter. A+!

Played for 5 minutes

I bought this for my boss, and it stopped playing after five minutes. This is the first time I’ve bought from Joker Greeting, and I was so so excited, only to be greatly disappointed. I even bought the one with glitter too, not that It mattered since the card barely played he never tried to open it. It also did not get louder when my bosses pressed it to stop. Im so disappointed and felt like I wasted my money.