Endless Birthday Recordable With Glitter

Record Your Own Sound. Press Play and Loops for Hours

  • Record up to 12 seconds of anything you want
  • Will play 1+ hours on loop. Length of time depends on sound recorded and playback volume. 
  • These do have glitter confetti inside the card. When they try and break them. This is not a glitter bomb. 
  • Card size is 6x9

A video how the card works. 

How to Ship


Customer Reviews

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I had to wait a while to hand them out but oh was it worth it. The best part was forgetting there was glitter inside. Ha ha

Got em!

I left this card in the basket at a friend's wedding reception. They opened it that night. Sadly they were so meticulous in disassembling it that they didn't unleash the glitter, but what can ya do. Next time I'll target someone less rational. :)


I bought the cricket card and this birthday card. The cricket one was an amazing prank for the office and lasted the whole day. I sent the birthday card directly to the birthday girl and she refused to open the actual card because it was wrapped in the instructions that said what the card did, which I was not aware would happen. So I was bummed to have wasted that one.

Thanks for the review! The cricket is pretty amazing. And yes, the cards are packaged. We do ship items for people at shipjoker.com so they don’t need to open packaging.
Broken on delivery.

on My birthday my sister was very excited to have gotten me the endless birthday but was broken as soon as I recieved it. Didn’t repeat her message or anything.

Hi, sorry about that. I am a bit confused on one thing..this doesn’t play messages but a NSFW sound. Did it play something else it sounds like someone tried to record a sound and that’s a different product. Happy to help how I can. Travis
This was great

This was a Great prank for my friend birthday the more I it went of the more u laughed