Endless Baby Shower: Baby Cry With Glitter

Press Play and Baby Cries Non-Stop for over three hours (okay, it can last 6 hours!) Warn parents or prepare them! 

Please Note: All items arrive packaged & Ship within 24 Hour

Here is a video!


What is Safe Mode? How to Sign Safely. 

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Durability Tested. Why not?

Works in Water from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.




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Didn’t work

Sent this to my uncle after removing the safety tag and he said it didn’t work when he pressed the button.

Hi DP, Sorry to hear. I am curious; after you pulled the tab, did you package the item in bubble wrap? Or did you mail in the white envelope? And I am curious if you were able to test the card before pulling the tab out? This also helps us fix any defects before cards are shipped. Thanks for letting us know. We do guarantee cards work. Joker Greeting

Endless Birthday with Glitter (Back in Stock Sept 30)


I gave this card to my best friend for his baby reveal party. Though I wasn’t there to see he and his wive’s reaction when they opened it, the text messages later on were priceless

They Hated It But We Laughed So Hard!

Gave a congratulations card for a wedding gift. The bride told us a week after that there was glitter all over her house, on her dogs nose and her cats butt!
I laughed so hard and said they couldn’t complain because there was $100 in it.

She good alright

I gave this card to my wife for her birthday. It was great everybody loved it. And the kids at the party thought it was even funnier.