Joker Cricket (Back in Stock Feb 25)

Press Play and Cricket chirps non-stop for 8+ hours

20 Second Explainer

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Treat Yourself

Bought the cat, cricket, fart machine as Christmas presents for my father brother and nephew..... and one for myself. Christmas Eve I planted the cat in the kitchen. Talk about entertainment I laughed for hours as my entire family try to find safe this cats life that was stoke somewhere somehow in the walls. My father walking around telling everyone that they will be sorry when the cat dies and starts to smell really bad. T’was a good Christmas for all.

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing! I am still waiting for someone to open up their wall to 'find' that cat.
Didn't work

I got it and tried it, pressed the button and it never would start. Yes I pulled out the tab. It made one noise and then shorted out or something.


Loved it. Will order again once the dust settles.

Did not disappoint!

Easy to use and small enough to hide anywhere. I chose my bosses metal cabinet by the door and stuck it under the drawer. The hardest part was acting like I had no clue and not laughing as he slowly became more frustrated with that “damn cricket” ! I even helped him move the cabinet to find the cricket and helped him check the drawers. Great thing is that it chirps three times just enough for you to figure out it’s general location but stops before you can locate it before giving up! Already lining up my next victims to mess with!!

Best Prank Ever

On Christmas Day, i stuffed the "Cricket" card in my sisters bag of gifts. During the car ride home with her husband and 4 kids, they were all screaming thinking there was a cricket that got in the car from the boxes from their gifts. For the 20 minute ride home, each kid was scared that the cricket was going to jump on them. When they got home they all threw their bags of gifts on the front lawn searching for the "cricket". They never found it until they got inside and still heard it. I somehow got the card to go into my sisters purse. She dumped that out, didn't see anything but then heard the card chirp....HA HA HA.