Endless Scream - Birthday with glitter

Is it defective or haunted? Every 90 seconds this card will scream after you pull the tab and press play. Recipient will have no idea what is going on...and that's the point.  


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Customer Reviews

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The cards worked like a charm. My sister resorted to a hammer to stop it from playing before her young son came home from school with the confetti going everywhere. My good friend opened it in a restaurant where she and her husband were celerbrating her birthday and had to run out of the room with everyone looking and most people laughing. Keep up the good work!

Wonderfully evil

I’m so glad to have found a company who understands that there are people, like me, with a fun sense of humor. The recipients of the cards got just as much of a kick out of receiving them as I did sending them! Yes, I’m a repeat customer!

The Perfect prank

I bought two cards for my friends, one of my friends had to put it in the freezer for 3 hours before it stopped. My other friend had to run it over with his car it was surprisingly effective. 5 stars

It was so great until it wasn't.

We bought 2 birthday cards, both for family members who love practical jokes. The first card played for over 4 hours and brought a ton of groans and laughs. The second card brought a few laughs and sat perched on a table 'singing' as the rest of the birthday gifts were opened. The table that it was on got bumped, which resulted the card falling on the floor and immediately died. We turned it back on and tested dropping/throwing the card on the floor and each time it stopped. Booo!


They worked flawlessly! Thanks for what you do!