Hilarious and Informational Videos, how Joker Greeting came to be.

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  Full Kickstarter Video 1 Full Kickstarter video #2   There is Glitter AND Non-glitter Birthday cards. And glitter and non-glitter Congrats cards.      What is Safe Mode? Safe mode is so you can sign the card safely before sending to recipient.  Does it really last 3+ Hours? Yes!     Do they survive the mailman? Yes!  I heard water wont kill it! Well, yes that is true!  And it gets louder with each push? Yes! 

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Travis Peterson

Hello, my name is Travis Peterson. My brother, Nick, and I created a project on KickStarter on April 1, 2015. We debuted the Joker Birthday card and hoped for the best. We had no idea we would go on to raise $92,073 in those 30 days. It started off at a good rate but once CNET, Gizmodo, ABC, and BuzzFeed wrote articles about our project and we felt the quick rush of going viraland it was kinda insane.  We are extremely grateful for KickStarter.com who helped us get our project posted and for choosing us as a Staff Pick. We...

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