Ever been invited to something by someone you don’t like? Or maybe you’re invited to your best pal’s party and just not sure what to get them? Look no further than the prank candle which comes in two wonderful scents: Vanilla and Apple Pie. But don’t be fooled, they won’t smell like this for long. After a few hours, they’ll turn rancid. We’re talking clear the room, rancid. We’re talking arguments over who let out something so silent yet deadly. We’re not talking a burnt apple pie, no, we’re talking smells from the depths of Hades' house himself!


We’ve gone ahead and thought of some great times you can give this candle to someone else (or maybe even light it right under their noses). Though be warned, they might not be your friend once they light the candle.


  1. A Wedding Gift: The best part of a prank is one you can get away with. Is your good pal getting married and you just want to pull one last prank? Well, our Prank Candles are just the thing! Get a nice box, put some tissue paper, a prank candle, and maybe a few other things, like some salad spoons or a picture frame. Here’s the thing, don’t put your name anywhere on it. You’ll arrive at the wedding, put the box on the gift table, and you’ll be off Scott-free! No one will ever know it was you. This prank would be best pulled if you also give another, more traditional gift, with your name on it. That way, when they open the prank gift, they’ll just think the name tag fell off and will never know it was from you! Bonus points if later down the road they tell you all about the rancid candle they lit one night!
  2. A gift for the re-gifter: do you know someone who always regifts what you give them? You know the one, they’ve probably even regifted an item right back to you! Well, Prank Candles are the PERFECT gift to teach them a lesson! Whatever the occasion is, a candle is a perfect item to re-gift, especially one as lovely as a Vanilla or Apple Pie. Can you see it now, they open your gift, they’ll open the candle and smell the sweet aromas and tell you how much they love it? But then they go home, wrap it up, and give it to their co-worker at the next holiday exchange. A few hours after that new recipient lights the candle, their room will be filled with foul smells, and the re-gifter will be sure to hear about the next day.
  3. Birthday gift: Have a friend or relative who loves relaxing in a candle-lit bath? Well, imagine being submerged in a nice hot bubble bath when suddenly, the hot steam mixes with the smell of a fresh dirty fart. You’ll get extra prank points if the candle is far away and your friend has run around trying to find the source, let's just hope they’re smart enough to turn on the light before blowing out all their candles!
  4. Wedding or pre-wedding party (bridal party or bachelor party): Is your best guy getting married and you just cannot say goodbye without one last sendoff? Put together a nice gift for a date night for him and his partner, maybe the Vanilla Prank Candle, a classic love movie, and some popcorn and candy. The happy couple will absolutely love the idea of a stay-at-home date night ready-to-go, no arguing over what movie to watch or anything! They’ll light the candle and put on the movie. Just in time, towards the end of the movie, the candle will start to turn. They’ll both be looking at each other, wondering if they’re truly prepared to spend the rest of their life with someone who can produce something that smells so rank. Both will deny it was them while blaming the other. Wonder how long it will take them to figure out it’s just the candle?
  5. Housewarming gift: one of the best ways to make a house feel like home is to make it smell like home. Why not bring a Prank Candle to your next housewarming party. Weeks after the party ends, your friends will see it, that lovely Apple Pie candle you got them. They’ll light it and finally feel the sensation that this is it, this is now home sweet home. That is until a few hours later when everything turns sour. Their new home will go from sweet childhood memories to absolutely ruined (luckily only temporarily).
  6. For a breakup: Not quite sure how to break up with someone? Maybe it’s easier to do something so nasty that they break up with you! Light the candle, invite your partner over, and after a few hours when the smell turns rotten, say sorry but that’s just how your farts smell. They’ll be so disgusted they’ll start to quest if they can spend another minute with you, let alone an entire lifetime!
  7. Last but not least, our favorite way to use a prank candle. Next time you’re invited to a large or fancy event, bring the candle along. When no one is looking, set it on a hallway table or in the bathroom and light it; no one will ever know it was you! Hours later as the party is going strong, the smell of dirty farts will start wafting through the halls. At first, people will not be sure what it is, is it them, the person next to them? Sure enough, the whole party will be gagging at the smell trying to find the source! The best part of this prank is that it will likely take a while to figure out just where the smell is coming from! But hey, at least you’ll make whatever that event is more memorable! 
prank candle smells good at first and terrible later

If you’re looking for the perfect incognito prank to play on someone, the Prank Candle is your answer. The candle burns for 1 to 2 hours smelling sweet as Vanilla or Apple Pie, but soon enough, the candle will start burning fool smells reminiscent of a dirty fart. There’s no telling when exactly the candle will turn, so maybe after the candle is lit you can practice a good old-fashioned Irish Exit, unless you want to stay and see chaos ensue!

Written by Travis Peterson

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