Dads are great, they teach us things, they make silly faces when moms are lecturing us, and they always seem to know how to fix things. But dads are simple, so no need to go all out for Father’s Day like you do for Mother’s Day. Funny thing is, your dad probably won’t even realize it’s Father’s Day, but that doesn’t mean we should celebrate him! So that means, a well-written card is all he really needs! Here are a few ideas of what to write, you know, because you love him so much, you’re rendered speechless and can’t possibly put your thoughts into words.


Funny notes for your father

  1. I guess I can’t really say anything bad here because that whole ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree thing.’ Happy Father’s Day!
  2. Hey dad, if it wasn’t for you, who knows who my dad might be, maybe Bill Gates or Steve, mom really messed that one up didn’t she? 
  3. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! So, we’re just going to sit around and watch sports and eat junk food today, right? Or is mom going to make us go to a museum like she did for Mother’s Day?
  4. Dad, remember all those horrible hand-made gifts I made for you when I was growing up? Yeah, I’m so glad I can just buy you a card now too. Happy Father’s Day!


Funny notes to husband/father

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Dear! If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have our 2 beautiful kids...though if we didn’t have them, we probably would’ve been able to buy a boat and sail the world.
  2. Today is a day specifically to celebrate how great of a father you are! You’re always there to teach the kids new sports, help them with their math homework, and show them how to be kind to one another. While those are all great things for the kids, can you please, I beg you, put the toilet seat down!?
  3. Happy Father’s Day, I have a gift for you but I’m going to go ahead and hold onto it until you finally buy and give me a Mother’s Day gift, it’s only fair.
  4. I can’t believe it’s Father’s Day already! That means it’s summer break, which means we’re stuck with the kids all day, every day! Think we can talk your parents into taking them for a few weeks again?


From Grandpa / Grandma to son

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Son! We really thought you’d grow up when you went to college, then again when you got married, then when you had kids. But nothing has changed and now you’re raising the next generation, we’re all doomed!
  2. Son, it’s your special day, it’s the day to celebrate you being a father! That means if there’s one day you shouldn’t be dropping the kids off with us, it is today!
  3. Happy Father’s Day, still not sure how you found someone to date, let alone someone to procreate with! 
  4. Happy Father’s Day, just wait until the kids become teenagers, if they’re half as bad as you were, you’re never going to last. 


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Written by Travis Peterson

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