We make cards that sing for at least 3 hours. Some people get a little too impatient. 

@jokergreeting Prank greeting card loops nonstop for 3+ hours. With no off-switch. But we hid glitter inside if you break it. #prank #glitter #gift ♬ original sound - Joker Greeting


Wife laughs once she learns the card will not stop! Then laughs more when she finds the glitter


@jokergreeting Love it. Happy birthday! The card loops nonstop for hours. Glitter inside if broken! #birthday #surprise ♬ original sound - Joker Greeting


Birthday card - Husband is not too pleased with his wife pranking him.


@jokergreeting The brow wipe of frustration is strong with this one. 😫 #birthday #husbandprank #wifeprank ♬ original sound - Joker Greeting

 Mother is given a non-stop crying baby shower card!


@jokergreeting Mother’s Day card that cries nonstop, until the battery dies. Glitter when broken. #happymothersday #mothersday #gift ♬ original sound - Joker Greeting


Written by Travis Peterson

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