It's that time again, when you need to buy a new Mother's Day card. No one likes to walk up and down those aisles trying to find the funniest card so we have solved it for you, right here, right now. And it's not only funny but it looks great and momma will NOT forget. 

Happy Mother's Day

First off, I love my mom. Don't judge me. But we make a card that loops non-stop for over 3 hours (yeah, some can last 8 hours). There is no off-switch. None. Close the card and it will keep on looping. And that's why she will never forget it. 

As there is no off switch; she will open and close, and open and close, and keep pressing the button. But it will not stop it. Pressing the play button again actually makes it just a little bit louder as the crying baby resets. 

 3 to 8 hours later

We suggest after a few hours you can tell them to rip the battery out. Inside we added confetti-glitter when it's broken. Now, we decided to make a mess and not destroy them as this can eventually be cleaned up with a vacuum. You may need to do it for her but that depends on who is at home. 

It's Safe to sign and test

Don't Worry about the button. It is safe to test as long as you don't pull the tab out. Then if you want to ship we advise using a bubble envelope or bubble wrap. 

Real world reaction




Written by Travis Peterson

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