Happy Endless Father's Day

Fathers need to be reminded that they are important to us. Why give a greeting card that simply has a few words and no execution; we make greeting cards that start and keep going and going and going until the battery dies; because we know that your love for you father is more than a few words and a thin piece of paper. Yes, our cards will loop Farts or a Baby Crying non-stop for over three hours or unless they break it. And if they break it...we put glitter inside just to make sure they know who sent it to them. 

Most greeting cards go unnoticed; don't be one of them. Send an Endless Father's Day card and be the talk of the town.

How do the cards work?  

First, you should test the card when you get it. Press the play button to start and stop it. Easy. Know what you are about to get yourself in. First rule of pranking. 

Next, write in the card, and remove the tab. You will see a long plastic piece come out. That is normal. Close the card and place in an envelope. 

Finally, if you are mailing the card we suggest bubble wrap or a box. The button is fairly hard to start but those pesky USPS people walk on mail all the time. Seriously.

If you are hand-delivering the item, you have many options. While I am partial to leaving the card on the nightstand next to their bed and leaving it....you can watch them as well. But I suggest playing dumb for as long as possible. And then if you want, suggest they rip out the battery...but come on...they last for 3 hours so let it go. 

Top Five Things to Write in an Endless Father's Day Card
  1. From Your Favorite Child. 
  2. Family is forever and so is this card
  3. If you break the card you will break my heart
  4. Don't hurt me!
  5. (just write your brother/sister name, not yours)

Endless Father's Day with Baby Crying

Check out the video! 

Endless Father's Day with Farts

Check out the video! 

Written by Travis Peterson

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